Life's Ambition

For a very long time, I saw people give their whole life to ambitions. Fruitless, worthless ambitions, because after all said and done, they died and left all they slaved for and sometimes, not even enjoying the fruits of their labour. I would confess that sometimes, I had judgmental opinions about this kind of people. I used to ask myself why someone will go through hell and high waters just to gain material stuffs and then lose family, friends, loved ones and many times, the love of the wife and children we thought we were slaving for. Every time I thought about all these, I promised myself that I will not give the whole of my life to any ambition, company or firm. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not lazy but I promised myself that when I get there, I’d balance it out. I’d have time for my children, husband and have fun in life while still working hard and achieving my goals. I felt that it just is not right for me to slave for any man or company, make some people rich and then lose my own life. At least that’s how I saw it.
Guess what people, its 9pm now and I am still at work. I am in my early 20s, young and very energetic and I am doing the very thing I promised myself not to do, I was quick to judge and now the tables have turned. Everyday, I leave home by 5am, get home by 10pm and as for family, I see them for about 3 minutes every weekday and I am just too tired during the weekends to have time for anyone. I guess I shouldn’t be quick to judge people again especially if I have not walked in their shoes. I will still change though, maybe when I am married with kids, just maybe!

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