Death gives no hoot about your plans!

On Friday Morning, as I was just about stepping out of the our for my daily business, I got a call from my brother that my maternal grandmother had just passed. Honestly, I was shocked, and this caused me to scream and then start crying loudly. She was my last surviving relative, and she raised me for the first two years of my existence on earth.

I was quite close to her, but I recently started withdrawing from her, because I just couldn't handle her deteriorating state well. At the age of 81 going on 82, we had to forcefully move her from her house to my house (the one I lived with my original nuclear family) so she could be well looked after.

She died at 84 going on 85, with her mind very intact, but her body getting weaker by the day. I didn't go to the house this year to see her. The last time I went to the house was December 30th, for our annual party. I went to her room, greeted her, hugged her, and left after about 5 minutes. I promised to see her again before leaving, but I didn't. This is not a note of regret, but a statement of the facts. Before this, I have never dealt with gradual loss. Every other close loss I've suffered were sudden. If you have been following this blog for a while, you will know my dad was shot and killed by armed robbers at 47, and my cousin was hit by a driver who was texting while driving, while cousin was changing his tire.

I therefore didn't know how to deal with gradual loss than to run away and deny that it was happening because I have never had to deal with such face to face before.

Before my grandmother passed, this year was already going to be a major one for my family. We are expecting to deliveries, and my mother's 60th birthday party. My grandmother had been informed by my mum "not to die" so she could witness all these celebrations, lol, though she wouldn't be able to physically attend because she could barely walk. My grandmother said she will stay, lol, but alas, when it's time to go, death doesn't care about your plans, upcoming parties and planned celebrations. It strikes when it is ready to strike.

So here's to my beloved grandmother. Mrs Emily Mopelola Obasa. Thank you for the being the best grandmother anyone could ask for. You lived a full life. See you in heaven.


  1. Atilola, my sincerest condolences to you and family. May her soul be at rest as we look forward to the blessed promise of being reunited again.

  2. I'm sending love and prayers to your family. May God's peace rest with you all

  3. Her soul rest in peace.
    And GOD comfort you all.
    It is a CELEBRATION of life.

    1. Amen. Yes it is a celebration of life. Still painful though :(

      Thank you :)

  4. Pls accept my sincere condolences.....

  5. Accept my condolence. May her soul rest in peace!

  6. May God comfort you and your family at this trying period. Amen

  7. Condolences to you and your family Atilola..
    Glad she lived a full life.. Shes no longer in pain in heaven.
    Thats a really beautiful picture of her btw..


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