Putting it bluntly, you are a LIAR!

Hello beautiful people. I am so sorry for semi-abandoning this for over 2 weeks, once again. My life is even more fast-paced than it used to be cos I have so much more balls to juggle, but lai lai, we ain't backing down. We going nowhere babyyyyyy.

I had the privilege of performing a brand new spoken word piece for the International Women's Day at the Nigerian Stock Exchange on March 8, 2018. Thank God for His mercies cos He literally had mercy on me. The production I was doing was so overwhelming that it was so difficult writing a new technical piece in rehearsing in a matter of days. I am waiting for the video, so I can post it up.

My second production of Eversion by Rhyme and Reason is over. Gosshhh, it was so demanding that I get to ask myself sometimes "who sent me message?" In my next life, I will run away from the burdens of passion and dream. Lemme just live an ordinary life for once, lol. All in all, I thank God for the success of the production... which was almost 100% if I say so myself.

That being said, please don't say I have come again o... but I don't know why this irks me continuously. People lying about their lives on social media. Very few times, it is an outright lie, but most times, they strategically post things about themselves to distort their reality, in order for everyone to feel they are in a place where they are not really. And I am not talking about glamour or riches here. I am talking about everyday things. In cases like this, it is only people who know them personally that can tell that it's all crap.

In my short life on social media, I have really seen things. You see people all smiley and grinny all over IG when they are miserable at reality. You see people positioning themselves as spiritually upright individuals, and have shallow relationships with God. You see people giving a picture of them having this loving united family when this is as far away from reality as possible. You see people giving entrepreneurship or business advice on social media, developing quotes, and they have not run any single business, either successfully or unsuccessfully. You see people giving marriage advice when their own marriages are in shambles. You begin to wonder who exactly are these people advising, and what advice they are giving out. People have begin to be lies to themselves, all because of the validation of clicks and follows. We all want to build a large fanbase so maybe, just maybe we will believe that we are actually more than we really are.

To make it worse, I don't know why these things annoy me so much, but honestly, they really do. I should be able to just look away and ignore. Right? I just want to leave social media a lot of times, but it has so many advantages that I just stay. Maybe when I am blood money, I will just hire a publicist to handle all of my social media life and publicity, cos I am tired of seeing all these lies out there.

I pray for the day when no one is moved by how many likers and followers we have because most people will literally command the same attention... a day when Instgram will go into extinction the was blogsville did, lol.

In the meantime, I really wish we would focus more on developing several areas of our personal lives to look half as much as good as we portray it to be on social media. And trust me, you will know if you are guilty of this, even in the process of doing it. But for now, putting is bluntly, you are lying.

Please, am I the only one feeling this way? Is there anyone like me? Do you have people in your circle who are guilty of this? Do you just look away when you see these things?

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