How Tropical Storm Harvey affected me personally

I was on my way to Houston when Harvey struck Houston. Before the trip, it had been hitting other towns in Texas but I didn't know Houston would be affected.

While all the news about how bad Houston was hit was flying round the world, I was either somewhere in Cairo, or up in the sky, doing my own flying.

I got to JFK, where I was supposed to be on transit to Houston and I was slammed with the bad news.

Girl, you are not going anywhere today

The storm was terrible and the airport had been closed.

It was like my own hurricane hit me. This kind of thing had never happened to me before. I'm not supposed to be in New York now. Where in the world am I going to sleep? Where am I going to get unplanned money to spend? I was devastated.

The airline wasn't going to cover for inconveniences because it wasn't on an international leg, and it fell under natural disasters. They put me on the flight for the next day.

I counted my loss and went to sort myself out. After all, it was only for one day. Right?


The delay was for a total of 5 days, my flight being moved from next day to next day. It was so unsettling for me and all concerned about me. My host had even been trying to reach me all the time I was up in the sky, to inform me that I'd have to stay put in New York cos the airports have been closed. She also left her house To elsewhere cos water came in from the back. She took the precaution in case it became more serious, even though her house wasn't flooded.

I had to spend money for other things on food and accommodation. And gosh, accommodation in New York isn't cheap. There was also the need for me to stay around the airport cos I didn't want the burden of transporting myself too far to and from the airport.

After 5 days, I finally flew into Houston. While we were about to land, I saw houses submerged under water, from up in the sky. I think those were the outskirts of Houston.

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I had never been so happy to get to my final destination in a long time. Finally, a free bed without bills attached to it, and proper Nigerian food to eat.

Were you or do you know anyone who was affected by the storm???


  1. that must have been very hard on you! Pele Atilola

  2. What an ordeal for you!! Glad you are now safe and Ok.

  3. Thank God your comfortable now. Enjoy your stay and stay blessed

  4. Thank God your host's house wasn't flooded.
    Sorry for the delay. I can imagine how that made you feel.

    1. Just sad about the unplanned money I had to spend

  5. Someone is going to download Jnr... :)

    1. Loooollll. Awon anonymous conspiracy theorists, looll.

    2. loool so true! 1 + 1 = 2. Congrats boo. Love you long time.

  6. I didn't pay attention to hurricane Harvey until it was over. Watching Hurricane Irma and it all just sad. Good to know you are safe.


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