Rhyme and Reason is finally here!

Have you heard? That come June 11, 2016, We would be having our second Rhyme and Reason concert in Nigeria, tagged The Excision.

Now, this is not a hype post or campaign post. This is my own event, as in the one graced me to do with hands and intellect. In short, na my event. So you must to come, lol.

As you know, I am only associated with quality, so we are bringing world-reowned Spoken Word artists, Janette...Ikz, Ezekiel, Preston Perry, Jackie Hill Perry, and quality domestic acts (me included). You do not want to miss it. 

Please see the trailer below.

You like it right? The good thing is that attendance is free, but you have to register to attend by going to www.rhymeandreasonng.com. Venue is The Dome, Freedom Way, off Admiralty way, Lekki, Lagos. Time is 4.00pm

For more details about the event, you can check our website here, hit us up on facebook, follow on Instagram, or follow on twitter

See you all there. And when you see me, please shout my name, and say hi to me. Thanks.


  1. Whoop Whoop! Looking forward to this!! Last edition was absolutely amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the correction. I have updated it.

  3. Can i still attend this event without prior registration? The website says registration is closed now

    1. Did you eventually come? The hall was filled, but I'm sure we could have accommodated one or two people more.


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