Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs

Hi people. Great things are happening on Blogsville o. I'm sure y'all know we have another publisher in our midst. Like play like play, we are birthing so many celebs. What did you guys expect, is it easy to blog consistently for years, if one wasn't intelligent?

It is none other than our own Adura Ojo of Naijalines. First, I must say a big congrats to her. She recently published her book, Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs. I got the opportunity to interview her, and it was quite interesting, albeit, short. Read on.

What inspired you to write this book?

I was at a point in my life’s journey where I wanted ‘useful luggage’ I could take forward. I work in mental health where you meet people at their lowest ebb. It puts life into perspective and as a result, one is thankful.

Summarize your book in a sentence

The life journal of a middle aged woman

Why do you think that this book will appeal to readers?

I wrote this collection for poetry lovers as well as non-poetry lovers. The simplicity of language should appeal to people who do not normally enjoy reading poetry. Poetry lovers would enjoy the depth of imagery and thematic structure.

What makes your book different from other books like it?

What is unique about this collection is its flexibility. Some poems are in narrative form. Some are theatrical – Poems like “The Broom”, “Nagging Area”, “This Land,“ Owu Rubutu”, “Sisi” and “African Queen” can be dramatized on stage or performed as spoken poetry. The poems are also fine in their own skin as just poems. They will work across a variety of forms. I would like to see the collection performed as a stage production. Many poets are increasingly doing this, particularly across Europe and the US. It’s a great way of the getting the reading public engaged in poetry again.

Is there a particular poem from your book you’d like share with readers?

I think your readers would enjoy this one, Atilola.

Owu Rubutu

Time to dance, Owu Rubutu
dance the dance of spirits old
grab your shoes, let’s dance
the dance of bata
hips so swell, beads to the beat
gladly hit feet bouncing in heat
dance in the light of darkness
like the deaf lady and her best kept script
rhythm of beads heard, unseen
black beads, red beads
feet and hips the way beads sway
dance for me, Owu Rubutu

What tips would you give other writers thinking of putting together a poetry collection?
Try to write a poem a day. Let your poems ‘breathe.’
Edit but don’t over-edit.
Join a poetry group (online or community)
Take part in poetry writing challenges to hone your craft
Decide whether you want a publisher or want to self-publish. Research the pros and cons and make             your choice.
Publish when you’re ready. Make sure you’re confident enough with your material to put your work
        out there.

What are you currently working on?
I’m working on a novel about an older woman and a younger man. I’m also working on my second poetry collection.

Where can readers find your book?
My book is available on Amazon. I’m working on getting it to other platforms including Nigerian platforms.

Thanks for the interview Adura.
It’s been a pleasure. Thanks for having me, Atilola.

Read a little bit about Adura below.

Adura Ojo is a British-Nigerian author, poet, blogger and a mother of two. She is the author of Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs, her debut poetry collection. She graduated in English Studies at the University of Ibadan. She later bagged degrees in Law and Social Work in the UK. She has professional experience in varied employment roles as lecturer, trainer and mental health practitioner. Her poems have been published in Sentinel Champions, Sentinel Nigeria, The Poetic Pinup Revue, and a number of websites. She lives in the UK where she is currently working on her debut novel and a second poetry collection.

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to meet with your readers, Atilola. Really appreciate it. Hope you have a fantastic week, dear.

  2. The floor is open, people. Please feel free to ask any questions about publishing, writing, my book, etc etc!

  3. Blessings...
    I trust you are well. Yes I know Aduro is published, i think i gave my congrats, Lord I hope i wasn't remiss in doing so. Girl if i forget please forgive the lapse and accept my congrats here and now. Much success and continued readership.

    peace and blessings.
    have an outstanding week.

    1. Sister. I accept it here and now. thank you so much. Hope you're good.

  4. Congratulations Adura! Your poems are always so vivid. Owu Rubutu made me smile. I think my sister was called that for a while because she was chubby

    1. Hi Toin! Thank you, dear. Funny you said that...I wrote it for all the chubby people including yours truly:)

    2. Toin, you know in Yoruba Land, owu rubutu is a kind of fancy euphemism, an appreciation of the beauty of the full figured woman. It's kinda cool. Sure beats 'orobo', lol!

    3. Abeg, can you translate owu rubutu to english. I have been trying to get the right prononciation.

      Congratulations to Adura Ojo on your book.

    4. Hi Sykik,

      Owu Rubutu roughly translated means robust (finely spun) wool. It's a Yoruba phrase used to describe beautiful full figured women. It's pronounced like this: oh-woo-roo-boo-too. I hope that helps. Thanks, Sykik:)

  5. Congratulations.

    Nice to meet you. Love the poem. :)

    1. Thanks Akibo. It's nice to meet you too. I'm glad that you love the poem.

  6. Nice interview!
    Congratulations Adura.. Thanks for the tips about joining online communities and entering competitions. That 'opened' my eyes :-)
    All the best with your new book and coming ones xx

    1. Hi 1+
      Thank you so much! Pleased you found that info useful. These things are not always obvious. I hope one day - to put a series together that would be of use to aspiring writers. Need more mileage on my journey to make the series a good one.

  7. Amazing work!!!
    Things like these are inspiring and makes me not to stop blogging. xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Daughter of the King. Really appreciate your feedback. Please keep blogging. It is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter but we will keep it alive the best we can.

  8. Congrats Adura and good job Atilola!
    God will lift you higher and higher!!! Wish you the best in your next books!
    Uniquely different with Fredilia

    1. Many thanks, Fredilia, and Amen. Stay blessed too.


  9. Hi Atilola,

    A big thank you for your generosity and kindness. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and your readers who have been so kind and so good to me. It's great to have beautiful bloggers like you bringing our community together. You're doing some fantastic work. May you continue to reap beautiful fruits of success in all that you do. Stay blessed, sister.

    Adura xoxo


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