GEJ + Subsidy + Protest

I think this is gonna be a short post cos I don't feel too good. I have been going through some things and I don't have the strength to rant.

I am breaking the no-politics-zone-blog protocol, this time, in order to join the blog protest. I drove today without AC, like I have been doing for the past one week because when I budgeted fuel money, I didn't remove subsidy from it. Jona pulled the rug under my feet so I had to cut some things and in the end, it looked like I had just taken my bath in my car, I am not finding it funny at all.

Maybe the reason I can't complain too much is because I never expected anything from Jona. I actually saw all these coming and refused to vote for him, even when Christian leaders were campaigning for him. I made my decision because of the way he treated the whole campaign thing and never partook in any debate. He only had eyes for D'Banj. I was convinced he had nothing to offer me and would have been surprised if he had actually done good. I also think he should stop talking, cos he doesn't know how to talk.

I told some people that I wish this guy would be asked to leave cos as long as he is there, only God will ensure that something good comes out of this country. Even if the subsidy is removed, loads of other issues that he won't be able to solve will come up. But my friends told me that I am just wasting my time and not being realistic, as it won't happen. I for one don't believe he can govern us or he is the right man for the country but the truth is that what is done is done. I also know that he is not the one really leading this country, which makes the whole thing worse because it means the protest won't have effect as fast as we want. It will have its effect, but not just as fast, so we have to be ready for that.

I am sorry if this is not the typical protest post you were expecting, but as you might have realized before now, I am not a typical reactive Nigerian,  I am a proactive one. Next time, let us not be blinded by ethnicity or religion.

I remember that in 2008, I told people that it will get to a point when Nigerians will protest and fight back, but no one believed me, that said Nigerians can't fight. I then used this illustration. When a big man holds a small child to the wall and punches his continuously for months, no matter how small or weak that child is, one day he will hit back. It doesn't matter how weak his punch is, he will still try to hit back because there's an extent to what suffering any man can take. I wish I could see the people that told me it would never happen and tell them, 'I told you so'.

For people planning to protest, please, don't let tear gas turn you back to your houses. Government knows that Nigerians run away at every little thing, and they will do what they can to disperse us but now is not the time to run away, let us stand sown. If we don't get it right this time, I doubt that we will ever get it right.

I am also sorry if this post looks scattered. One again, I don't feel too good and am sorting out a lot of things personally. Thanks for reading


  1. I didn't vote for Jonathan. I felt he had no credentials that were commensurate with the role of a President other than his incessant chatter about his notorious good luck that mysteriously results in tremendous bad luck for others. But we were saddled with him because most people felt the devil you know is always better than another devil in disguise. And thus our struggle began. But we must support the struggle to bring about a change. May the Lord help us all. Also, with regards to your personal issues, may the Lord give you the strength needed to tackle them. Take it easy dear.

  2. I'm so proud of you dear, for doing this post and joining the protest, despite your not feeling well. So so proud. Thank you! I wish you a speedy recovery. Please get well soon. God bless you. Your voice and our collective voices have not been raised in vain. I've been careful in not demanding too much of people as I know some bloggers are based back home and may not wish to be involved in the protest. I guess everyone has to decide what's best for them and what suits their comfort zone.

    I doubted GEJ too and I couldn't vote anyway as I'm based in the UK. I love the sensitive way in which you wrote this post and have contributed to the collective voice in your own personal and unique way. Your suffering in the heat of your car, trying to deal with the rising cost of petrol really brought it home - what people have to cope with - the consequences of the subsidy removal. The way forward is to make our voices heard and we will continue to do so. Once again, well done @ilola. I hope other bloggers are inspired by your courageous and thoughtful spirit.

  3. Excellent points! I hope Nigerian will look back at this moment in the future and chose to vote for people who are actually capable and deserving. Political decisions should never be based on ethnicity or religion, but then again, we have to wait until the days we actually have free and fair election.

    I only wish our leaders will be like you and be more proactive and less reactive. GEJ is now promising 370k jobs and functioning railway systems- a bunch of after thought decisions.

  4. I thought this was a very insightful post despite dealing with personal circumstances to put it together.

    I remember back in April when I contributed to a tv program about the election in the UK where I'm based. I advocated at the time that what Nigeria needed was to discuss the basis of its future not election. I was laughed off at the time that the election would provide the answers to our problems.

    The truth is that what is happening are symptoms of deeper underlying issues. Until we address the evil of corruption, youth unemployment, decay of our infrastructure, a dysfunctional educational system and more importantly a fractious and flawed political system that thrives on ethnicity and religion, our problems will only get bigger.

    May God grant you the ability to overcome whatever personal issues you're going through.

  5. I agree that it's time we stand for what is right. I just pray that the miscreants and political thugs will not turn it into a violent affair. I pray God helps you to sort out your personal issues.

  6. Proud of you for taking part in the revolution of Nigeria. Yes, the response might not be fast but it will surely achieve some goals.

    I am glad to know that we have moved away from our siddon look attitude and taking time to ensure our future gets better.

    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  7. I love this post and I love the illustration u used about the big guy punching the child. My teacher always said this: " you can oppress a man for 20 years or more, but once the oppressed man realizes that he is oppressed he would definitely fight back.
    nice post.

  8. It's a good thing you're doing what you feel is right.Bravo!

  9. 100% AGREED WITH NAIJA4LIFE Comment....

    Nice post...

    So how do u do this GEJ stuff on one's blog??? and is it making much difference as in are people looking at it as a protest?

  10. I hope you feel better soon, and that what ever issues you're dealing with turn out well.

    It is sad that Nigerians voted for Jonathan on the basis of his so-called 'good luck'. Hopefully next time, people won't vote based on sentiment.

    The scary thing is that I'm not sure if another person would have done differently, maybe not remove the fuel subsidy, but lead without corruption. Corruption has eaten deep into the political system of this country, and it's going to take more than the removal of one man to change that. But we are finally taking a stand, and that's a good sign.

    This year is going to be rocky for Nigeria as a whole, but let's hope it works out for the best.

    Have a lovely week.

  11. Stupid me for thinking Jonathan would be a breathe of fresh air. His methods are...well...bad

    Muse Origins FB

  12. My dear, hope you are finding things easier to deal with and that you're feeling better. It is well.

  13. @ Cherrywine: Thanks. We have no choice but to keep on fighting

    @ Naijalines: Thanks for the appreciation. I just wrote from my heart. I am better now, I have no choice.

    @ 9JaFOODie: I pray Nigerians don't make the same mistake twice. We should learn from the past.

    @ Naija4life: Thanks. We have a long way to go in dealing with these issues. But, deal, we must do.

  14. @ Che: We have no choice. We have been pushed too far

    @ Lara: Thanks o. We got no choice but to wake up

    @ Ibifiri: Your teacher was sure seeing some things in future.

    @ 9Ja Great: Thanks

  15. @ Daughter of her king: Sorry my reply is late. Check Adura Ojo's blog, its all there

    @ Tecknicoleurgrl: Amen to your prayers. We can only hope for the best, regarding our country.

    @ Okeoghene: Thanks

    @ Muse Origins: Looollll. Fortunately, we wont make the mistakes twice

  16. Hope you ar feelin much better now @tilola. Glad you joined the protesting ranks. even if it is online. Its a real shame really about GEJ...he is certainly not the Messiah Southern Nigeria expected even though they refuse to accept that truth. Nigeria needs someone with balls an d his haven been orchidectomised.

    1. I am better now thanks. We hope we are wiser now and make better choices in 2015


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