The 5Rs Hair Care Masterclass

Hello, how are you doing? How is your mental health? Hope you are calming down from the unrest? We understand that things might not completely get back to normal this year again, but we have no choice but to hope.

At African Naturalistas, we want to wrap up this year with The 5R Hair Care Masterclass. Many of us have been shaken, such that hair care is the last thing on our minds. But all in all, we must still move on and hope for the best.

The 5Rs Hair Care Masterclass is the ultimate masterclass you will need to tow your hair on a healthy path, especially as we approach a new year. 

The 5Rs stand for Restart, Regrow, Rejuvenate, Retain, and Restore.

  • If you are looking for a fresh start in your hair care journey, it is time to Restart your hair
  • If you have suffered hair loss of any kind, it is time for you to Regrow your hair
  • If you are already on your journey to hair growth, but you hair is dull and flailing, it is time to Rejuvenate your hair
  • If your hair was once healthy, but something has gone wrong, and you can’t figure it out, it is time to Restore your hair
  • If you have grown your hair successfully, it is time for you to Retain your hair

The 5Rs Haircare Masterclass is for every woman with hair on her head. Whether your hair is relaxed, natural, short, long, curly, coily, healthy, damaged, No matter what category you fall under, the 5R Hair care masterclass is for you.

This masterclass is going to start your hair care journey afresh for the New Year. 

Click here to register for the very early bird of the Masterclass


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