Let me grow your Cosmetic Business for you

Hello beautiful people. How are you all doing? As foe me, let me just say life has been "interesting". I am currently finally accepting the changes life has permanently thrust upon me, and it is liberating to surrender to it.

And this good news I'm announcing now is one of the new things I'm handling. I am about to launch “Beyond Formulation: Scaling your Cosmetic Business from your Kitchen to the Market Place”, in a couple of weeks.

It is an online course that will cut short the long journey to success of your small scale cosmetic business by 90%.

A lot of people are now teaching about Formulation of cosmetics, but what happens beyond formulation? Believe me when I say there’s a whole lot you can’t even begin to imagine
If you want to be the first to know about this course when it launches, click antrainingschool.com/eoi and enter your name and email address, and I will send you everything you need to know. I look forward to working with you

The Lady Boss - Atilola Moronfolu

It took me a long time to accept this, but I am not the same person I used to be. Life has recently taught me that if you don’t accept the changes that have come upon you, it will only lead into frustration. And so, I now understand what it means to EVOLVE. I am a LADY BOSS

I am a total woman
A business woman
An involved mother
A fun wife
A successful entrepreneur
An award-winning spoken word artist
A fitness activist
I am who I am, and I do not apologize one bit for it