The 5Rs Hair Care Masterclass

Hello, how are you doing? How is your mental health? Hope you are calming down from the unrest? We understand that things might not completely get back to normal this year again, but we have no choice but to hope.

At African Naturalistas, we want to wrap up this year with The 5R Hair Care Masterclass. Many of us have been shaken, such that hair care is the last thing on our minds. But all in all, we must still move on and hope for the best.

The 5Rs Hair Care Masterclass is the ultimate masterclass you will need to tow your hair on a healthy path, especially as we approach a new year. 

The 5Rs stand for Restart, Regrow, Rejuvenate, Retain, and Restore.

  • If you are looking for a fresh start in your hair care journey, it is time to Restart your hair
  • If you have suffered hair loss of any kind, it is time for you to Regrow your hair
  • If you are already on your journey to hair growth, but you hair is dull and flailing, it is time to Rejuvenate your hair
  • If your hair was once healthy, but something has gone wrong, and you can’t figure it out, it is time to Restore your hair
  • If you have grown your hair successfully, it is time for you to Retain your hair

The 5Rs Haircare Masterclass is for every woman with hair on her head. Whether your hair is relaxed, natural, short, long, curly, coily, healthy, damaged, No matter what category you fall under, the 5R Hair care masterclass is for you.

This masterclass is going to start your hair care journey afresh for the New Year. 

Click here to register for the very early bird of the Masterclass

Free E-book: 10 Secrets of growing Long Hair by Atilola Moronfolu

Are you one of those people who have tried to grow long and healthy hair without success? You keep hearing "all hair grow", but that statement has never manifested on your scalp. You know you are not sick, yet your hair has remained the same length for 10 years.

I have written a simple easy-to-read book, revealing the secrets of growing long hair. Contrary to what you might think, growing long hair is not difficult, but it has rules you must adhere to. If you do not adhere to these, you will just be pouring water into a basket, and all the time, effort and money spent on products will be a colossal waste of time.

10 Secrets of growing Long Hair is a free ebook for you to help you achieve your goal of healthy and long hair.

Click here to download your copy and thank me later.


Certified Trichologist

Giving Birth in Canada (Part 2) | 17 things to know before you decide to give birth in Canada

In this second part of my Giving Birth in Canada series, I share 17 things you need to know before you decide to give birth in Canada.

If I could get a kobo for every request/call I get concerning giving birth in Canada, I would be a billionaire by now. So this video came by popular demand. I talk about 17 things to know before deciding to give birth in Canada.

I hope you learn a few things, and share with others who might need it.

There are more things, which might be discussed in a future video, and based on request.

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Excuse Me, SARS - Atilola Moronfolu

My name is Atilola and I’m a spoken word artist. I perform mostly in the corporate sector, NGO sector and international scenes. I’m not exactly what you will call an “angry poet” or “political poet”. I’m not a trend talker or crowd follower. But I am a human being, Nigerian, and mother to two boys who will be future men.

I was inspired to write this very short piece because of my son, Lyon, whose hair I plan to braid/lock. I don’t want him to go through what our young ones are going through today. I don’t want him to be wrongly profiled as a criminal because of his appearance.

I might not be able to take to the streets like other youths because of my family and work responsibilities, but I can sure speak for the upcoming generation with my art.

I hope this piece speaks to you, but most importantly, to the Nigerian police force and the federal government of Nigeria

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Giving Birth in Canada (Part 1): How I got my Canadian Visa

Ever since I arrived Nigeria with a Canadian citizen in my Kangaroo pouch, I have become a very reluctant "Canada Birth Consultant". People always call me to ask for advise and guidance.

The truth is I was never an expert cos it was my first time having anything to do with the Canadian Embassy. My experience was nothing straightforward, mentally stressful, mentally tasking, and spiritually intense.

This is the first part of my three-part "Giving Birth in Canada" series. In the second part, we talk about the things you must know when applying, and in the third, we talk about the pros and cons, when compared to giving birth in the US.

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Taking your Husband's Surname - What's the Fuss about?

Some women are recently choosing to bear their maiden name, after marriage, and they are taking the flak for it.

Further discussions have revealed the people do not understand where the practice of taking a man's surname in some parts of the world came from, and when it started.

In this episode of Let's DO Life, we discuss this topic in detail, and talk about the sentiments behind this practice, if it's a sin, if it's cultural or even important.

Please pull out your chair, get your popcorn, because have fun and get schooled at the same time.

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Should successful women attribute their success to their husbands?

Hi guys. How are you all doing? The first episode of my YouTube show, let’s do life, is out.

Many successful women have been criticized in recent times about the trend of dedicating their success/achievements/awards to their spouses, when it was achieved by them.

The critics say it is the evidence of patriarchy still very present in our society, and the successful women are passing a wrong message to the younger generation of independent women

In this video, I talk about this topic from my perspective. I will like you to watch and weigh in. You can watch it below

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Yayyy, I started my Youtube Program

For a long time, the thought of starting my own Youtube Program (I can't say Channel, cos I already have one) always came across as stressful to me, cos my Youtuber friends always painted the whole process as stressful and time consuming. Time availability is already an issue for me, cos of my schedule. So in my mind, Youtube and I were never going to be friends, when it came to content creation

Earlier this year, I started taking my IG lives more serious, and my husband started working on our study (but we all know it's mine. Right? Lol). Then I started getting a strong leading to started my own show on Youtube.

That leading didn't disappear, like other "leadings." It only became stronger as time went on. Once the study became partially ready, I went ahead to purchase all my filmimg accessories, and enlisted a professional on fiver to design my Youtube intro.

And with that, Let's do life - with Atilola was birthed.

In this show, we’ll be covering a range of subject matters including marriage, art, love, relationships, health, fitness, business... all sprinkled with a little bit of controversy.

I’m going to be keeping it real, with discussions that are wholesome, funny, and uplifting at the same time.

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How to get NAFDAC Approval for your products in 6 months

NAFDAC Approval for products

I am very excited to serve you another dish of fresh goodness. I taught this before, 5 months ago. And by popular demand, I am teaching you again. Remember I told you last week that I am

I am serve you a dish of How to get NAFDAC approval for your cosmetics in 6 months or less.

One of the biggest hurdles any serious person in the small scale Cosmetic Industry in Nigeria has to face is getting their products approved by NAFDAC. It is a hurdle many fear to cross, while others totally bypass because they just see it as an impossible feat. By doing this, they unintentionally place a cap on their growth, and determine how far their business will be growing.

In this free lesson, I will be teaching you How to get your products approved by the almighty NAFDAC. It is a very enlightening session you do not want to miss, to elevate your cosmetic business to the next level.

If you have questions about NAFDAC, or tired of their frustration, then this video will make that a thing of the past. Click here to watch the FREE NAFDAC Class

My Online Course "Registration for Beyond Formulation" starts on...

 As you might already know, I have an online course, where I help small scale Cosmetic Businesses scale their cosmetic business from your kitchen to the marketplace.

We now know when the registration for Beyond Formulation is starting. We know...

when the registration will be open

when you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the early bird discount

when you will invest your money in a course that will revolutionalise your cosmetic business forever

when you will find the courage to look forward forever, and never look backwhen [You can add your own further advantage here]

That time is approaching, and it is drumroll...

September 21, 2020

The intensive online course that will scale your cosmetic business from your kitchen to the marketplace is starting on September 21, 2020, and we are excited. We can't wait to do magic to your cosmetic business.

Please start saving towards this, because we would really like to help you grow your cosmetic business. Nigerian businesses need to thrive, especially in this season.

Click here to join the waiting list, and get all updates about the goodness that this course offers. You don't want to miss the early bird discount.

Free Video - Pricing your Cosmetic Products for Maximum Profit

One of the mistakes many small scale cosmetic businesses has to do with pricing cosmetic products appropriately. It is not enough to slam a price on a product because that is the cost at which your competitor is selling? Every cosmetic product needs to go through a pricing process before reaching its cost.

I have created a free video teaching to solve whatever problems of pricing you might be having. In this four-part video series, I will take you through a 10 step process to pricing your cosmetics products. The lessons you will take from this will ensure you make maximum profit from your cosmetic business, and you never run at a loss

Get your pen and journals out, and start taking notes. Your cosmetic business is about to move to the next level. Click here to start watching

In the meantime, I have a free gift for you, it is a Free Cosmetic Selling Guide that will help you make better decisions in your business. Click here to get it.

Pricing your Cosmetic Products for Maximum Profit - Video Tutorial


One of the mistakes many small scale cosmetic businesses has to do with pricing cosmetic products appropriately. It is not enough to slam a price on a product because that is the cost at which your competitor is selling? Every cosmetic product needs to go through a pricing process before reaching its cost.

I have created a free video teaching to solve whatever problems of pricing you might be having. In this four-part video series, I will take you through a 10 step process to pricing your cosmetics products. The lessons you will take from this will ensure you make maximum profit from your cosmetic business, and you never run at a loss

Get your pen and journals out, and start taking notes. Your cosmetic business is about to move to the next level. Click here to start watching

In the meantime, Beyond Formulation will be starting soon. Click here to join the waiting list

Introducing the AN Superstars with Atilola Moronfolu

My name is Atilola, the founder of African Naturalistas, and the trichologist at African Naturalistas Hair Clinic, where we treat and manage over 50 hair and scalp disorders. I have been helping women grow long and healthy hair for the past 8 years, having personally helped over 200 women grow their hair, and solve their hair loss issues. When it comes to hair and scalp care, I can boldly say I’m an authority

I get tons of daily emails from women asking me to help them with their hair issues, and I obviously cannot attend to them all. In fact, these emails and requests to help one woman here and another woman there are weighing me down. What started as pure love and passion is now almost becoming a burden, but it won’t be. I came up with a solution

I have therefore created the AN Superstar program to help 20 selected women, who are ready to invest in their hair care journey, solve all their hair and scalp problems, and grow long and healthy hair for one year. If you get to be part of these superstars for the next one year, you will have unbridled access to me, my products and service offerings

The AN superstar program is a holistic program, where I will hold your hands and walk you through every single step you need to take to get your hair and scalp where it needs to be. I will take into account, your unique situation, products and personal regimens to follow. I will be all over you like a rash, nudging you regularly to do things right

Make the decision to join the AN Superstars today. Remember, there are only 20 slots available. Click here for more information and sign up

7 tips for performing Spoken Word Poetry at a funeral

For the first time, I got the opportunity to perform at a Funeral service. It wasn't those kinds of funerals that are followed up with celebrations and big Owambes, but a solemn one, with very few people (thanks to COVID19), and moody atmosphere, with people trying their best not to cry,

Throughout the process when service was engaged, to my rehearsal and eventual performance, I learnt how the process of performing at a funeral is different from regular events. So I thought to share what I gathered.

1. Honour the Dead

Unlike your previous performances, this one is not about you. Everyone, including you, is there for just one person... the departed

2. Ditch the Emotions

Inspite of the emotionally-charged atmosphere, remember that you are there as a Spoken Word Artist. Honour the dead with your art, and not your drama. The family did not pay you that "armed robber" money so you can join them weeping.

Help. My Hair is not growing [Webinar with Trichologist Atilola Moronfolu]

There are several factors that cause us not to see progress in our hair growth. Some of these are obvious, while some are not so obvious.

This is why I have decided to host a webinar to open your eyes to mysteries behind hair growth and hair breakage. We will be teaching you what to do, in order to get the length you desire. You don’t want to miss it.

This webinar is free, and will be happening on May 27, by 8pm, so register now, using the link below, and also forward this link to everyone you know that needs this teaching to achieve their goal of healthy hair.

Click here to register

Move your cosmetic business from your Kitchen to the Marketplace

Hello, I am very glad to let you know that Beyond Formulation, the online course that is guaranteed to cut your journey to success in the cosmetic business by 90% is finally out.

My name is Atilola, the founder of African Naturalistas. I help small Cosmetic Businesses grow their business from small to medium scale, with my course, Beyond Formulation. I have grown African Naturalistas from just N3000.00 capital to an eight figure business, and I want to help you do the same.

I have worked for months, dotted the Is, and crossed the Ts, just to ensure that I prepare the perfect course to take your cosmetic business from the Kitchen to the marketplace. And I can tell you that the dish we prepared is the most delicious one you will ever it

Registration has already begun, and early bird registration for Beyond formulation has started. If you do not take advantage of this opportunity, you will pay for the regular price when this offer expires

Click here to know how much you will be saving if you sign up for beyond formulation between now and  May 3, 2019

How to get NAFDAC Approval for you products in 6 months - Atilola Moronfolu

When I got NAFDAC approval for my products, a lot of my colleagues in the cosmetic industry envied me. I was basically one of the only two companies who had successfully gotten our small-scale cosmetic products approved. Up till today, many people still come to ask how I did it.

This is why I have decided to host a webinar to teach my fellow cosmetic makers how to get their products NAFDAC approved in six months or even less.

This webinar is free, so register now, here, and also forward this link to everyone you know that needs this knowledge to grow their businesses. I will teach you all you need to know, in order to get your products approved by NAFDAC, and the only problem you will have is how fast you can rush to get your products registered.

Register now, by clicking this link

Ten Avenues to get your Cosmetic Products into the Market - by Atilola Moronfolu

Are you a Cosmetic Formulator or intend to be? I created this Free guide, which lists and explains 10 avenues to get your cosmetic products into the mainstream market without hassles.

My name is Atilola, the founder of African Naturalistas. I have been able to grow African Naturalistas from my small room in my parents’ house 8 years ago to an 8-figure brand that is well known all over Nigeria and out of Nigeria.

This free guide will give you an overview of different ways you can reach your potential customers and sell your products to them. Life is not all about selling on Instagram, lol.’ After sometime, you will need to play big, and this simple guide will help you.

Get your copy now, by clicking here

Let me help you grow Waist Length and Healthy Hair

Hair Regimen

Hello beautiful people. Do you know that the hair intentionally cared for are the ones most likely to thrive, and not necessarily the hair that has the most products expended on it. Gathering hair products without intentionally following a good hair regimen will only make one a product junkie, lead one into frustration, and resulting in one passing comments like “Natural Hair is too difficult to manage."

I know this because for about nine years, I have helped women all over the world grow long and healthy hair, and I can tell you what will work for your situation, and what won't

In case you have not heard of me, I am Atilola, a Holistic Practitioner of Trichology, the founder of African Naturalistas Hair Products, Hair Clinic amongst many other things. And I can help you achieve any goal you have for your hair... and I mean ANY.

Now that you are most probably at home, this is the time to master your hair and the regimen appropriate for it. This is why I have repackaged my Hair regimen solutions into an easy to use E-book this season. . It will go on sale from April 8, 2020. But if you preorder now, you can get them at a far cheaper price

You can choose from the options below
  • Normal Hair
  • Children’s Hair
  • The Busy Bee
  • Dry and Itchy Scalp
  • Damaged Hair
  • Battling Seborrheic Dermatitis
Please send an email to if you are interested in preordering at the sale price.

Free E-Book: The six Most common Natural Hair Myths by Atilola Moronfolu

Hello beautiful people. How are you doing? It sure has been a while. I am re-releasing my e-book, The six Most common Natural Hair Myths. This e-book serves as an expose to misconceptions facts about natural hair. The knowledge of you'll these myths are beneficial to you in the journey of caring for your hair. You'll be able to care for your more wisely because the application of knowledge is wisdom.

This e-book is free. Just click this link to download your copy

I'm giving away Free Hand Sanitizers

African Naturalistas Hand Sanitizers

I have decided to contribute my quota to clamp the COVID19 global epidemic, by giving African Naturalistas customers free hand sanitizers. Here's how I got the idea.

Two weeks ago, I was at O'Naturals salon, and the owner was sharing hand sanitizers to some of her hair stylists. I noticed how the stylists were glad to have these sanitizers, which had then become like gold, as I inwardly rolled my eyes and scoffed,. "sanitizers! Ordinary sanitizer, something I can make in less than one hour... abi what did I go to cosmetic science school to learn if I can't make such a simple product like hand sanitizer?"

Thank God I immediately caught myself. It was then I realized that the precious stones the whole world was dying to have, I could basically offer it to them... for a fee or for FREE. I instantly called the owner of O'Naturals Beauty and said, "this thing you are buying and giving out, you know I can give all of you, and you won't pay anything. In fact, I am going to give all my customers Hand Sanitizers for FREE." Yes, I know my colleagues in the industry are currently selling them for an arm and a leg, but until I get the release in my spirit to do the same...all our customers will keep getting free Hand Sanitizers with their orders, as long as the Corona Virus, COVID19 is still with us.

You don't need to do anything special, join any contest or anything similar. As long as we receive your order, and we ship to you, the free Hand Sanitizer comes with your order.

We are in the era of fear mongering, and people are cashing in on the fear to make a quick buck, such as selling unsafe, uncertified sanitizers. In Ojota, people are making sanitizers by the thousands, under sheds, beside dumping grounds, so let's be guided. Like every other product of ours, our Hand sanitizer is manufactured in a NAFDAC approved factory, and by a certified Advance cosmetic scientist.

Most importantly, let's always remember to frequently wash our hands with soap and water. Stay away from crowded places, and do not attend events if they are not necessary.

You can get your own FREE Hand Sanitizer by placing an order for African Naturalistas Product(s) with us by

1. Calling 07061141501
2. Sending a whatsapp message to 08091377699
3. Clicking here, place your order, and add a free Hand sanitizer to the cart


Hi guys,

It is interesting how since I stopped bloggong as frequently as I used to, the blog post with the most views is "HOW TO ELIMINATE SEASONING CUBES FROM YOUR DIET". If someone had told me this when I was writing that post, I wouldn't have believed. I have people asking me left, right and centre, how this can be done.

I have been working on some things this year, and one of them was creating a short e-book about

MSG replacement recipe for healthy meals. And here is why

Do you know???
That eliminating seasoning cubes from your meals can make you live longer, healthier, reduce inflammations, several diseases and disorders?

This is because seasoning cubes contain MonoSodium Glutamate (MSG), which is an artificial flavor enhancer that has been linked to many diseases, even though the processed food industry will want you to believe otherwise

The problem now is… how can you eliminate seasoning cubes and powders from your meals, and still get them to be tasty and delicious, you know, make sure your spouse and kids don’t begin to ask your what nut went loose in your head that you are serving them this bland meal in the name of eating healthy?

Well, you don’t have to fear. For years, I have been cooking delicious meals with using seasoning cubes, and you won’t even have a clue that the food wasn’t seasoned artificially. I have shared my recipes with close family and friends over time, and due to popular demand, I have decided it is now time to share it with you, and help you live a healthier life

I am now revealing to the whole world my secret mixes of natural herbs and spices, all in the form of an e-book. I teach how to prepare natural seasonings for regular meals such as soups, stews, jollof rice, fried rice, etc

Healthy food doesn’t have to mean bland food

You can preorder your copy by clicking here. It is just N5,000 if you take action now

Feb 29 to Mar 3 – N5,000.00

Mar 4 to Mar 7 – N7,000.00

From Mar 8 – N10,000.00

Let me grow your Cosmetic Business for you

Hello beautiful people. How are you all doing? As foe me, let me just say life has been "interesting". I am currently finally accepting the changes life has permanently thrust upon me, and it is liberating to surrender to it.

And this good news I'm announcing now is one of the new things I'm handling. I am about to launch “Beyond Formulation: Scaling your Cosmetic Business from your Kitchen to the Market Place”, in a couple of weeks.

It is an online course that will cut short the long journey to success of your small scale cosmetic business by 90%.

A lot of people are now teaching about Formulation of cosmetics, but what happens beyond formulation? Believe me when I say there’s a whole lot you can’t even begin to imagine
If you want to be the first to know about this course when it launches, click and enter your name and email address, and I will send you everything you need to know. I look forward to working with you

The Lady Boss - Atilola Moronfolu

It took me a long time to accept this, but I am not the same person I used to be. Life has recently taught me that if you don’t accept the changes that have come upon you, it will only lead into frustration. And so, I now understand what it means to EVOLVE. I am a LADY BOSS

I am a total woman
A business woman
An involved mother
A fun wife
A successful entrepreneur
An award-winning spoken word artist
A fitness activist
I am who I am, and I do not apologize one bit for it