My Desert Safari Experience in Abu Dhabi

Hello beautiful people. I will just pretend like I've done nothing wrong, and resume blogging as usual, lol. I don't want to join the ranks of runaway bloggers who disappear, come to apologize, promise to never leave, and then disappear again. Lai lai. #putsonholierthanthouface

A lot has happened o. I have tripped, risen, dusted myself, and gotten back in motion again. We got our NAFDAC number at African Naturalistas. Finally! Let's just say we need prayers in Nigeria.

My only brother got married, and it wasn't in Nigeria. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love destination weddings. It's cheaper than the typical Nigerian wedding, and its way more fuuuunnn. My entire nuclear family went to Abu Dhabi for the wedding, and it was beautiful. I won't be sharing pictures of the wedding because it was not my wedding, but you can see a few pictures of me, my friends, and small family below, lol.