Women and our Hair problems. We can stop the need to deceive men now!

In last week's post, I promised to let you people know one of the things I achieved recently in a future blog post. Well, rather than just mention it, I will tell you what neccessitated into this development in the first place.

Let me tell you the truth... Many women have hair problems! Trust me, I have seen so many things in this my career as a hair expert. Don't believe the illusion created by wigs and extensions.

As you most probably know by now, we have a Hair Clinic at African Naturalistas, where we treat and manage over 50 Hair and Scalp disorders.

Hair has always been a passionate issue for me, and I've always treated it with so much seriousness. It has never really been about money for me, but about helping women with hair issues. My heart breaks when I see one more woman suffering from hair and scalp disorders, largely due to ignorance.

It is because of this sole reason we created African Naturalistas, and it has evolved into what it is today, and will keep evolving.

Here's a slight summary...

A very long time ago, I realised that Africans didn't know how to care for their natural hair, and relied heavily on Black Americans to teach them what to do, even though our hair situations were quite different. So we started African Naturalistas blog

Then people started coming to us for products, because the products available then were all foreign and not very affordable. So we started African Naturalistas Hair Products

Then people started asking for products to treat their Hair loss and other Hair and scalp disorders. We realised that not everyone's issues will respond to the generic "coconut oil and castor oil" remedy, which bloggers are always quick to prescribe. We realised that truly, many ladies' hair issues are unique, and must be treated as such. So we armed ourselves with knowledge, got certifications in Holistic Practitioner of Trichology... and we opened a Hair Clinic

Then we started getting requests from people who couldn't visit our Hair Clinic because of location. While our Hair clinic was and is still effective, we can't reach everyone. We realised also that what many women are facing with their hair right now is as a result of lack of proper hair care regimen, either due to ignorance, or time to study their hair and come up with a proper hair care regimen. So we did the following

We came up with the A.N. 365-Day Natural Hair Care Regimen to help you care for your hair. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can get this book, choosing the one that best suits your situation, and manage your hair. This book is our unique invention, because it is not your regular e-book. There are many good things about it, and one of them is that it is an interactive document. You click on your desired date, and all the things you are supposed to do on your hair that day is what appears to you.

I really cannot begin to list the goodness about these documents, but you can check them out here.

The A.N. 365-Day Natural Hair Care Regimen is supposed to last you for 365 days. So for example, if you get it in July, you will get regimens from July 2018 to June 2019. But we included a bonus of extra six months worth of Regimen. This offers is valid for only a few weeks though.

Once you have gotten your own 365-Day Hair Care Regimen, and you begin to see result, please don't hesitate to send us pictorial testimonials so other people's doubts can be cleared.

Get is now by clicking here

That month when I sat with ex-presidents, and hit all my goals!

For the first time in a very very long time, I didn't blog for 4 whole weeks! I didn't even visit blogger. Ever since I left social media to concentrate on some of my goals, it was as if another part of life consumed me.

So many things happened... both good and frustrating, but I can say that even in the midst of it all, life has been good

Firstly, I achieved some major goals in my business, African Naturalistas 

1. We are almost done with our product development for this year, and will soon be releasing many new products into the market. Yaayy!
2. We now have sales representatives all over Lagos, who are making sure our products reach places we couldn't have ordinarily reached. You can find the list of our current sales outlets here.
3. I achieved a major milestone, which I will reveal in my next one or two blog posts

Another thing that happened was a major overhaul in the people around me. Firstly, my business administrator resigned, then people around me started messing up (including my nanny, though she had been displaying a funny attitude for some time now). It was quite disappointing and frustrating. I kept wondering why it all happened at the same time because the more I tried to keep these people around, the more disappointed I was. Anyway, God made me understand that the current crop of people me have to change because the season of my life is about to change, and they didn't have a place in my next phase. At that point, I stopped questioning. When people hear about things like this, one automatically thinks of bad friends and the likes, but these people aren't even friends... just the team of people whose work is to help me fulfill purpose.

I had the opportunity of being main performing artist (spoken word) at a high profile event two weeks ago. Ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo was the chairman of the event... more like he was the organizer of the event (well, it was his NGOs). It was a privilege being addressed by him, having personal conversations with him, and taking pictures with him, along with my family.

The truth is that I debated putting these pictures up so many times, and had to re-edit this blog post so many times because of this indecision. There's a whole lot of my life I don't blog about because I don't feel the release in my heart to do so. But sometimes, we just has to remember that if fear of being seen in a particular way is a major driving force, we will end up imprisoning ourselves. Even though there's always a risk of being misrepresented by malicious people, we shouldn't let it shackle us.

Another thing I learnt is that when you are in the presence of powerful people, never hesitate to speak the truth, not in a brash or insultive manner, but in a way that they'll have no choice to listen, and will appreciate you for it. After all, they weren't expecting you to come and lick their feet when they invited you to their presence. For now, I use my art form of expression, and it will be a shame to waste such a great opportunity to influence people, and shape Nigeria for the better.

Unfortunately, it's time for me to return to social media. While I'm not looking forward to it even though I've hit some of my goals, my publicity won't be possible without it. And this leads me to the announcement below

This Saturday, yours truly will be hosting a webinar on “Chemical Composition of the Hair and how it affects your daily hair care routine.” I know it sounds all science-y, but trust me, it is fun webinar and you will be the main beneficiary of this webinar, in terms of knowledge gained, and how you will apply it. There'll also be a live Q&A session where I will be answering all your hair care questions

To join this webinar, you will need to register using the link below. The good news is that even if you are not around by 6pm this Saturday, the webinar will be available for one week after we go live. You can always watch it later as long you register

Click here to register for the webinar

Happy new month. How was your month of June? What's been going on with you? I will like to know in the comment section