My short but interesting interview on Wazobia Max

Hello people. Hope we are all doing well? Sorry for the absence of post last week... and yesterday. Been trying to clear up some last minute tasks in a jiffy.

I got invited to appear on Hello Nigeria, on Wazobia Max, as the inspirational woman of the week sometime last month. Even though the interview was short (in my opinion), it was enjoyable. And I like the fact that the video was put on youtube some days later, for my records. I don't understand why they titled the video with what they did though, lol.

Looking at how my cheeks appear, it's apparent that TV definitely makes me look bigger. Or maybe it's just Wazobia Max screen, lol.

I talked about several aspects of my life, and was able to cover a lot in such a short spate of time. I will appreciate it if you can watch the nterview below, and give me feedback, or just say what you think about it.

Expecting your comments. Thank you lovelies

My last major fight with my Mother

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I grew up in a house ruled by fear!

Well, that could be considered an exaggeration.

What I meant to say is that the fear of my mum was the beginning of wisdom. Being a school teacher who would later go ahead to work with my dad in his company, it was no surprise that she was a strict disciplinarian. She made it her life's mission to make sure that her children were 'not spoilt'

Caning, spanking and painful punishments were regular guests in the house that sometimes stayed for days on end.

There were advantages to the way my mum raised us but of course there were several disadvantages. The pros included raising disciplined children, who got to learn values very early in life and so much more.

One of the cons is that you will probably not be very close to your parents I.e. You won't be able to open up to them or give them intimate details about your life. This would most likely linger into adulthood.

Another con was that you tend to fear your parents very early in life. This means that you do the right things mostly out of fear, like “I dare not disobey mum or else I'm dead”

And then you grow up to the point where you have to make your own decisions. You are no longer motivated by fear of your mum. It's at this point that some kids choose to rebel. After all, what can mummy do to me? All she would do is shout and shut up. Kids always grow up to be immune to shouting and threatening parents.

Now the danger is if there was no other motivation to do the right things apart from the fear of your parents, you would most likely not do the right things when that fear fizzles out

In my own case, it played out in a funny way.