The Devil's Agenda for the Church

So I wrote this Spoken Word piece almost two years ago, and I felt it was really strong and powerful, but I didn't get the inner peace in my mind to go on performing this piece. I know that if one is going to assume the mouth piece of the devil, and go ahead to expose his plans on stage to the whole world, then one should be ready for some serious warfare. Because of some thing that happened to me in the period of two years before I wrote this, I wasn't sure I was ready to take on another vicious warfare. I also felt God asking me to "chill on this one." So I dumped the piece aside, and never rehearsed it. I saw it few days ago, and I felt at least if I can't present it on stage yet, I can publish it for the whole world to see. So here it is... in the devil's own words, not mine.

I am gonna silence the church
Making the bible-thumping Christians go hush hush
Hush- there’s a hatred grenade flying over there
Hush- you risk losing your charisma if you spread the gospel over there

I am gonna empty
The church till it loses its majority
Due to the sins of minority
Till the once fatted calf becomes so emaciated and hungry that it begins to lose its voice
And if it dares utter a sound, it will be taken as nothing but loud noise
Then the unbelievers will go “hush hush…
You talk too much”
Yes, I am gonna silence the church

I am going to divide them, using trivial issues and frivolous arguments
Such as that of prosperity and private jets
Such that they will be too blind to notice
When I enter boldly into their presence with dexterity

I’ll forcefully twist their heads
Shift their focus
Make them forget about his miracles, yet concentrate on hocus pocus
Abracadabra- it is raining money in this church
Abracadabra- there’s a children’s factory on that pilgrim hill
Abracadabra – cars are being shared in that temple
Abracadabra- healing is the order of the day in that cathedra
Cos it’s not only in harry potter books I use my avada kedavra

No. my avada kedavra will shift their orientation
Change their disposition
Make them the focus of their own attention
And distract them so much that the dizziness
from the speed of which I’ll do it will be mistaken for busyness
and the fruit of it will be greeted with righteous jubilation
such that they would begin to neglect the soul’s salvation
the very essence
of the Christian’s existence
in this present dispensation
yes, I am going to silence the church

I am going to dispense…
In the hearts of many, and the tool I will use is the pretence
Of the ones who were supposed to present
A shield of defence
And build a wall of fence
Around the vulnerable ones who came into the presence
Of God to bask in its holy ambience

Like osmosis, I won’t be loud or obvious
As I let the juiccccccceeeeeee
Of gossip and backbiting
Find its way into the nooks and crannies of the body

For the singular body
As the rejection of her church brethren
Messes up with her mind
Toils with the sermons and messages that had been planted in her heart
Becomes bitterness and hatred within her
And all these become a heavy load too weighty for her
To carry
till her…
Spine begins to curve as a result of the burden
She is carrying
And poof!
She is back to the very point
Where she came from
Another victory for me
If only they could see
How I used them to play the Pharisee

For the corporate body
As I begin to cause a crack here
A break there
As the osmotic juice
Of my offence does its work till it finds itself at the deepest root
Causing it to suddenly pop! And explode like a grenade
So loud that unbelievers outside begin to wonder the cause of this charade
Making the believers look like clowns similar to the ones at a carnival’s parade
Thereby rendering them powerless
And useless
Till they become like salt so tasteless

Then when my osmosis has taken its full effect
I’m going to make use of diffusion
To disseminate the poisonous gas of lies and deceit
using the ones who became disjointed from the body
Due to the offence
They experienced
From the hands of the ones who were supposed to be their father’s physical evidence

Then I’m going to take their case
To the presence of their father
And ask ‘are these
The people for whom you died on the cross
See how they make a mockery of your blood
Cos they’ll rather feed themselves than care about souls lost

And then I’ll pray
Pray in my own name
That unlike the case of job,
This time, their father would just give up on them
So I can have the liberty to crush them

I’m going to Cause Chaos to Cruise the Coast of the Christians’ Cathedral
Such that they begin to incur the Curse that the Cross of Christ Crossed off over 2000 years ago

I’m going to make them concentrate on charisma rather than character
Such that the concentration of their anointing reminds me of excessively diluted tasty time juice in the hand of a broke boarding house student

By this time, I’d have bound their wrists
Clip their fingers
Shackled their feet
Sealed their lips
Gorged their eyes
Plugged their ears
That they’ll look so beautiful
Yet remain like powerless statues
Till they become mere tourist attractions like Egyptian mummies

They’ll be so lukewarm
And would have become as bland as an over-chewed gum
That even their father would have to spew them
Cos after all, even he if denies me, he can’t deny the words in his literary emblem
Since he had already warned them

So I am going to silence the church
And of my many plans, I have told you a bit much
The question is…
will you be defiant and continue trying to spread the gospel of your father’s salvation
Or assist me in my unrelenting mission

By Atilola Moronfolu


  1. Hmmm! The church is in a deep pool of denial and everyday it keeps sinking deeper. Truth is, the devil has clearly outlined his agenda (it even goes far beyond these lines you've put down) and he is clearly winning the battle! It's so close to knock-out! I hope the church rises up before it's too late, that is, if it's not too late already! Powerful lines, Atilola! Truth as clear as crystal!

    1. Thanks Mr Geebee. I agree with you, but you know the bible said the devil will try, but he will never prevail against the church. Matt 16:18,

  2. Wow... Atilola I was reading this and I was just thinking of how the church really is now. The devil is working in and out of the churches and you have stated it clearly parts of the plans of the devil. I hope people get to see this and turn from their ways.... i have learnt something by reading this. Nice one Ati

    1. Aww, thanks for your comment. I hope the church hears sha.

  3. So do you think you're firm enough to take it to the stage now? Cos truly, writing it only is doing it a disservice. The words were literally jumping out to me...

    1. Aww thanks. I still have some battles to clear up. As soon as I get the go-ahead, I will start performing it.

  4. So profound! We as the church can't afford God's hand...Especially as we know our opponents agenda. In church sometime last month, a visiting group performed a drama that could be referred to as funny at first glance but depicted the weight of what the enemy has been doing and how we let him have the center stage. Thanks for sharing but I shall look forward to the live performance *winks*

    1. Hmm, let's see if and when the live performance will happen. Thanks

  5. I totally love the way you played with words to express the devils plans

  6. Nice....This is very interesting...

  7. Waoh.
    Very apt and engaging piece.
    Sums up the devils mindset.
    Thanks for this. Will ask for permission to post this one day. Funmi R.

    1. Aww, thanks. No problem. Let me know when.

  8. Deep! I have to evaluate myself, retrace my steps if needed, guard against the seemingly necessary distractions...
    More and more, we have to realize that feeding our souls and living in the Father is the uppermost.
    Jesus says live in me and let my words live in you, apart from me you can do nothing, Infact a vine will be cut off if it doesn't have nutrients from the vine..

    Abiding in the shadow of the Almighty, that's more important than money and all what not.
    God help us all

    Thanks for sharing Atilola

    1. Thanks for your fresh insight. I really appreciate it. It means we have to look out ourselves first, and change it,

  9. This is really a strong one hmmmmm. A clear picture of the church if you ask me.. People should read this article.. Will also seek your permission to repost someday.

    1. Alright, no problem. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. Wow. I love the way you expressed the truth/real things happening in the church today. May God help me not to be distracted.
    Thanks for sharing this Ms.

  11. Ahhh! Goose pimples all over. 'Character rather than charisma'. May our deeds never make mockery of the blood. Powerful.

    You should perform this.

  12. The devil is a liar! The church of God will surely prevail. I will really love to watch you perform it, let me know the date plsss


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