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So our own blogsville grown celeb, Sisi Yemmie, did a review of African Naturalistas Hair products. As you might already know, I run the African Naturalistas runs a hair care blog, along seven other fabulously fabulous ladies. Kai, my team members are just the bomb, Boko Haram aint got nothing on them. Aside the blog, we also manufacture hair products, and run a sort of consultancy where we receive calls from people who have questions about natural hair, and attend to tons and tons of mails about natural hair, all for free.

So Sisi Yemmie did a review on some of our products. If you are not familiar with our products, or know have just heard about them, and want to find out more, you should definitely watch this video below.

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Why your attitude towards Books and Reading is the way it is

Are you someone who hates reading, are you someone who cannot seem to finish any book you pick up, are you someone who loves reading only a certain genre of books, are you someone who can read any book you see, or are you someone who would not rest until you finish that book you’ve picked up?

I’m sure you know what category you fall into, by now. Knowing what drives you will help you understand why your attitude towards reading is the way it is.

1. Some people read for enjoyment. For these people, reading a book is like buying a drink and popcorn, and watching a movie at the cinema. They want to get lost in the book, and enjoy it. So if the book is too boring for them, or too disturbing for their liking, they drop it like it’s hot, and move on to the next prospect.

2. Some people read for relaxation. Maybe they have a stressful life, and the little time they have to rest, they just want to read a book to calm their nerves. If the book is too mentally tasking with its plots and twists that one has to go back to page 90 to understand what page 360 means, or if the book is full of complex English words and sentences that one has to check the dictionary every single second, they will not finish the book. Let's just say if the movie, Inception, was a book, they would never finish it. It is just too much for them. This is because the book is causing them to work, which is what they have been doing all day, and are trying to avoid by picking up a book in the first place.
3. Some people read to escape reality. These people believe that life sucks, is bitter, too hard, etc. These kind of people don’t like to read books that portray reality, they won’t read a horror novel, novel about child abuse or human trafficking, etc. because they have the real world to remind them of these tragic events. They love fantasy books, happily ever after romance, mills and boons, and anything that can provide the succour the real word cannot. They detest books with sad endings, and the ones who fall under the category of readers who read the last three pages of a book first to find out the end, even before starting the book.

Books: expectation vs reality
4. Some people read to improve their knowledge of English. These kinds love to read literary fiction most. If the book is too simple and basic,  and its an adult book but seems kids book, or if it is not intellectually stimulating, and there's nothing for them to read or challenge their current knowledge of English, they will drop it.

5. Some people read for curiosity, and to learn something new. These are the kinds that will read every book in the world if they had life long enough to do that. If your book is boring, they will endure it. If it’s mentally tasking, they will sigh and put in the work to keep reading. 99% of the time, these kinds of people will make sure they finish any book they pick up. They just want to learn something… anything. It’s the satisfaction of knowing they have conquered yet one more book that drives them.

What category do you belong to? I belong to the last, unfortunately for me. Knowing the one you belong to will help you understand why your attitude towards reading is the way it is. And if you are not satisfied with your attitude, at least, now you know why, so you can always change it to another. Since you are now aware, the knowledge can even help you in selecting the books you choose to start reading.

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How I hustled to graduate from University

I recently came across some documents that inspired this post.

If there is someone who was plagued with a curse of missing or miscalculated results, it was me. I was in a department that was full of hustle, but at the same time, understanding. If you did not know how to be proactive, you will be kicked by the wayside.

Right from the day I became an official student of that department, my hustle began. I was a good student, but due to faults that were not mine, my results were not so good until my fifth year.

In my first year, all my GST results were not released. Later, two out of three were released after I got my hustle on. In my third year, the last one was found, but suddenly went missing in my fifth year again. I was so pissed, and started another round of hustle. They had to take the matter to the GST department, where they realized that all these while, my records were in Surveying and Geoinformatics department. For Six whole years. Please, does Surveying and Geoinformatics sound anything like Electrical?

Another one was in my year 5. One of my results was published, and I saw a C there. By year 5, I had sharpened up, and knew that me and C had no business. When I saw C, I wrote another letter, which was forwarded to the lecturer who was very understanding. She looked at it, and saw her error, and upgraded it to B. It was me who still went back to see the reply, and took the reply to my course adviser. I waited till my course adviser corrected it in my front. Yes, I was that persistent.

There was another inter-departmental course I got upgraded from D to B. Imagine D in a four unit course. Awon alakoba.

By the time I was in year 5, my G.Ps which had gone from 2-1 to 2-2, jumped back to 2-1, after  several corrections here and there. I had to hustle from lecturer to HOD to course adviser, scrolling through piles of letters, carrying my letters from place to place, and making sure no one spoilt my hard work. I am sure if I even looked into many more courses, more errors would have been found, but it’s all good. By the time I was in my final semester, I made almost a 5.0 GPA, but years of damage had been done, and I went with my 2-1 (which was partly my fault too).

Below are two documents I found. You can enlarge, and follow through my hustle by starting from number 1, if you are interested, and can survive the interesting handwriting.
By this time, I had almost graduated.
Yet, I was still writing letter for results

Story of how I used almost 5 years
to search for one result.
You will pray to read, pray to pass, pray for papers to be marked accurately, and pray for results not to go missing. I know some people who had to rewrite year 2 or year 3 inter-departmental courses while in year 5, just because the missing results were never found, and they did not want to wait any more, and have extra year.

I am glad I was in a department that actually followed through with complaints of students. I am glad I was in a department that did not take advantage of people in trouble, telling them to drop money or sleep with lecturers. I am glad that I went to a school where handout sales are not the way to passing a course (Handouts are not allowed UNILAG), but still I didn’t have to have a miserable result life in school. My friends never did, it was just me. But Maybe God was using those obstacles to develop other characters in me.

Yes, I learnt hard work, persistence and tenacity, while I was in school, but it didn’t have to be that way at all. Anytime I thought about my pending cases in various departments, my heart leapt. And when 5 years later, I cleared every single problem, I gave a serious testimony.

It is even now sad that the education system is now worse than in my days.

Still, I miss my Electrical days in UNILAG sha. How Odd?

And now that I have hustled to obtain my engineering degree, all I want to be is a 1920s gangster, and blow away people's heads. The pictures below say it all.

"I have decided to stop attending church!"

“All these pastors of nowadays sef, all of they are hypocrites, liars. They only want to collect our money. Last week my pastor bought another car, after he just completed his third house, yet many of the church members are homeless. His children are schooling abroad, yet many of the church members cannot afford school fees. The assistant pastor was just uninstalled after he impregnated the worship leader. I wanted to port to my brother’s church, but a soft-sell magazine published a picture of him in Okija shrine last week. I am fed up. All these pastors are just there to make their own lives better by deceiving members of the church. Even the church members nko? That’s a story for another day. These are the end times, and they are all false prophets. In fact, I am no more attending church. After all, I don’t have to attend church to make heaven… bla bla bla, and some more boring blaaa.”



Firstly, you agree that you are a Christian, which is why you made these statements above. Who is your God, the pastor or God? Your being a Christian means you are a part of the Kingdom of Christ, right? No matter how you put it, you have a stake in the kingdom.

Imagine you are a part of a company, and some of the managers and even low-level staff have been misbehaving recently, they have been going against company policies. Some have been caught and disgraced, while some have been hiding their acts, but there are snide comments going on about them. On Monday morning, you are still on your bed by 9.00am, then your colleague calls you to ask where you are ‘cause the boss has been fuming about your lateness. Then you tell your colleague you don’t think you will be working anymore because some people have been going against company policies. You are not quitting because of the work, salary or boss’s attitude, but because of your colleagues who are going against the company policies.

Well, that look on your face as you consider the foolish reasons of the worker in question is the same way you should look at yourself if you decide to stop going to church because some pastors and church members are hypocrites, and don’t truly represent the Christ they preach.

YOU are the light of the world. YOU are the salt of the earth. If some people have decided to become rotten eggs, and pollute the work of God, why don’t you be the light you have been called to be, and stand out of the pack. In the body of Christ, everyone should serve in expanding the kingdom one way or the other (not necessarily by being a church worker). If you decide to switch your own light off because someone else is displaying faulty light, you have also contributed to the darkness all around. Why should another person’s light affect your own light?

This indicates the fact that you are going to church to be served, and the moment you found out the people serving you are not really what they portrayed themselves to be, you decide it is time to shift base. If one goes to church to actually serve, then you know that the thought of severing yourself from the body because of the stupidity of other servers will not occur to you, because your own serving has nothing to do with their own serving.

If these are the end times as you say, trust me, a reputable church is where you want to be taking refuge at the moment. As the day goes by, it is getting harder by the day, for Christians to take a stand, so you need to take cover.

The agenda of the devil is to destroy the church (the body, not the building). One of the ways he is trying to do that is to make the church turn against itself. The question is, are you going to help the devil meet this agenda by deserting the church because of what a pastor you trusted did? We all know that when the devil wants to destroy someone, he doesn’t make it very obvious, the first thing he does is to play the isolation card. He isolates you from church, friends, family, etc. and makes you think you can be fine by yourself. By the time problem shows up, you see that you have no covering at all.

If you tell me that you are no more going to church because you are now a Muslim, a Buddhist, atheist, etc. that is a reason that actually makes sense. But to say you will be a Christian, but will dissociate yourself from the church (the body of the one who you claim you serve), because of what some pastors did actually makes no sense at all.

Contrary to what you might think, this is not a post about religion or Christianity. It is more about reasons that make sense or not. And also, I know the truth is that many pastors actually do all sorts, and let power get into their heads. I experienced one of such, and I wrote about it here.

"The reason you have not found any fake thirteen naira note is because there are no originals. No one counterfeits what does not exist. You will find fake hundred naira notes, fake one thousand naira notes, but never a fake three hundred naira note. Any counterfeit you see is evidence that the original exists, even in larger quantities than the fake." (Original quote by Atilola Moronfolu).

The reason there are fake men of God is because there are real men of God. The same way the fake men of God are making you consider leaving the church, let that be the same way the real men of God pull you back to being a strong part of the church.

Instead of us to focus on the fake minority, we can choose to be encouraged by the real men of God out there, and there are still a lot of them.

Drop that attitude about going to church to be served. Go to church, and BE THE LIGHT!

Let's have a frank talk about our haters. Shall we?

One of the things you get to learn in those courses where they teach you how to win people over to your side is that, that for every single person, 30% of everyone who knows you will hate you. No matter what you do, whether good or bad, they will hate you. 30% of everyone who knows you will like you. No matter what you do, whether good or bad, they will always like you. 40% of the people who know you will not have any definite feeling about you for some time, and it is this 40% you are supposed to concentrate all your efforts on, in influencing how they feel about you.

If there is anything I hate to hear, it is the term ‘my haters.’ I don’t think anyone should be concerned one bit about people who hate them, so far those people are not trying to kill them. For some people, once someone doesn't like them, then the person is transferred to the 'my haters' category.


There is no need tweeting, creating DPs, subbing, writing posts, making videos, waxing albums, etc to send a message to your haters, unless you are an attention-seeking rap artist. There is no need spending so much energy trying to think of how to diss your perceived haters. I’m sure they don’t spend so much energy thinking about you. Contrary to what you might think, many times, you are not as important to people as much as you think, especially if you agree that these people don’t like you in the first place.

Someone offends you, you get pissed, and then start ranting up and down about your haters, in which I don’t understand how someone offending another person turns the offender into a hater. You let them dictate your feelings, and live your head rent-free. You give the person the right to determine how you live, talk, or act meanwhile, that person has moved on with his/her life, and has no inkling whatsoever that you are writing, blogging and vlogging about him or her. No one should have that much power over you. No one.

Some people even go as far as fulfilling an ambition such as becoming an engineer instead of being the fashion designer they love to be, or getting married to someone they don’t love, just to shut haters up, and shame them. And when they achieve these goals, and the haters take no notice, then they hate the hater, lol.

The truth is that as a person, everyone cannot like you, it is life. And if you are honest with yourself, it is not everyone you like too, so let’s not make a fuss about this hater thing, and keep ranting on and on about haters.

But seriously, won’t the world be boring if everyone was on your side, everyone likes you, you have no human obstacles or challenges? What kind of world would that be? Haters are a part of life, and they make it more interesting.

So how do you deal with haters, assuming the people you call haters are really haters? Ignore them. Don’t sub them, don't write about them, don’t upload videos about them, don’t even act like they exist. As long as the person is not trying to physically hurt you, leave them alone. Don’t in turn, hate the hater, that makes you a bigger hater. Life is too short for all these hater iranu*. One day, you will die, the hater will die, e don finish. Lobatan, abi. 

Haters come, haters go. Haters will always exist. If you are wise and have work to do, you will suck it up, take it as a part of life, and concentrate on achieving what God has sent you to achieve in this world.


*Iranu - Yoruba  for Nonsense.
e don finish - Pidgin English for It has finished
Lobatan - Yoruba for It has finished.