Contrary to what you might think...

Hi Everyone. I want to officially thank everyone that has been part of this series since it started. You all made it fun. Thanks for spicing it up, and not running away.

This sounds like a message to end the series, abi? Well, sorry, we have not yet come to the end, lol. I just wanted to appreciate you all. To think that we started this in August, and this is November, and it has not ended. Meehhhnnn, me sef, I throway salute for myself. I have met bloggers mehhn.

So onto last week's blogger, the answer is not Sting. I can count how many times she has dropped comments on this blog, on one hand, and still have fingers left. So she couldn't have been on the forefront of that particular series.

The blogger is none other than Ola-toxic. Actually, we have been friends for a very long time, over 10 years now. We practically rolled together in the same group all through our days at Unilag, cos we danced together, we attended fellowship together, prayed together by 5.00 am in the morning, rehearsed all night together, etc, you get the picture. I am sure if I dig into old archives, I have a picture of both of us somewhere, but this is what I can whip up for now. Unfortunately, they are group pictures taken at two different occasions, two years ago (and no we didn't graduate two years ago, lol).

Tokunbo on the extreme left. I was literally pinched to appear in this picture

Many years after graduation, they refused to hang their dancing shoes

Tokunbo at the back, with the face cap. Me in the pink dress. I am sure you all did not think I could be playful, right?
Well, contrary to what you might think...
Congrats to Sugarspring. She is now in a very hot competition with Tamie and our champion, Toinlicious. Unpredictable things are happening in this series. It's about to go down.

So onto this week's blogger. 

1. This blogger recently moved to the other clan. She confided in me last week, that she is thinking of moving back. Well, I think the word 'confide' doesn't apply anymore.

2. I attend the same church with this blogger.

3. This blogger has recently released her book.

So guess who.

Will our champion be dethroned?

My my, people of blogsville, just fix your eyes on the race track. For a very long time, Toinlicious the athlete with an eye for detail gave many people in this race a wide gap, reminding us why Usain Bolt still remains unbeatable. But now, as we near the finish line, some other athlete is giving Toinlicious a run for her money. Who can that be? None other than Tamie, the blogger that refused to leave Blogsville, even though she claims to have retired. Just behind Tamie is HoneyDame, who is pulling her weight, but no where near Toinlicious. Everyone, look at Toinlicious, she seems to be running short of breath. Do you think Tamie will surprise us by overtaking her before this race ends, or will she up her game, and once again remind us why she has been dubbed the unbeatable champion in this race? Well, only time will tell. In the mean time, let's keep our eyes on the race track.

Lool. I hope you guys enjoyed my race commentary. I won't mind being hired to comment at the next Olympics track and field event o. So yes, Tamie is now a third time winner. The answer to last week's edition is Sugarspring. If there is a blogger that is anonymous, it is Sugarspring. She is so anonymous, that even anonymous bloggers call her anonymous, if you get what I mean. She hates putting her face to anything. She is so anonymous, that she has been a winner twice on this series, and no one is even aware. Talk about ghosts, lol.


So onto this week's blogger

1. I initiated an interesting blogger series where people started wearing boxing glove, and threw lighthearted  punches. Let's just say this blogger was the forefront of one of the factions

2. This blogger's name reminds you of something poisonous

3. You might need to cross to the other side to find this blogger's blog, if you know what I mean.

Don't be fooled by what you see.

Why Nikkisho? Why? Why? Why? For goodness sake. Remember when this series started, I said we would need to be guided by details bloggers post on their blog.

Nikkisho stays in Philippines, last time we checked, and I don't think she ever announced that she was coming to Nigeria. So unless you blogsville people paid for my trip there, I don't see how that would have been possible.

Thinking about it now, I realise that the clues could be argued to fit more than one blogger. But again, if you really think about it, which blogger looks like a baby. Nikkisho is cute, but does she look like a baby? Hmm. Well, Tomi Akibo, that's who. She has a very cute and baby like face. Don't be fooled by the lipstick and the shaped eyebrow in the pictures below. In fact, don't be fooled by the picture at all. You should see her in person.

So congrats to Toinlicious. She is now a 4-time champion on our Guess the Blogger series. Let me know what you want me to do with your gift, since you have decided to give away your giveaway, lol.

Onto this week's blogger.

1. This blogger should now be given the award for the number one lazy blogger of the year.
2. This blogger's name should remind you of something sweet and refreshingly moisturising.
3. This blogger is a religious blogger.

So guess who.

Guess the Blogger - 15

Okay, you guys. I made it easy for you last week, abi. The thing is the two winners for last week's double edition have been previous winners. I hope I will get a fresh winner for this week. Or do you guys want the same set of winners to be chopping all the credit?

Congrats to HoneyDame and Tamie. You will get your stuff soon.

As for this week's edition.


1. This blogger just has a fabulous Baby Face. Cuteness l'omo.
2. This blogger is on low natural hair
3. This blogger strikes you as someone that has many dreams she wants to fulfil.

In other important matters, I enrolled for a free online storytelling/writing course, run by University of Applied Sciences, Postdam, Germany. It lasts for 8 weeks, and started last week. This would interest story writers for novels, movies, scripts, video games, theatre, etc. So far it has been great. So much information for free, and from a reputable university.

You can enrol for the close by clicking here.