Guess the Blogger - 2


It is so sad that no one got the answer to last week's question, despite the clue about the blogger's concern about her complexion. Is it that we don't read our bloygsriend's posts thoroughly?

Anyway, because I love you guys, I will give you two clues that basically lets it all out. \

1. When you see her blog name, something spicy comes to mind
2. Her blog name also reminds you of a man with a bread

If no one get's it this time, I will cry in shame on behalf of the whole blogsville

So this week, we move on to the next blogger.

This is one blogger who sometimes, I plan to quickly give her something, and talk to her for 2-5 mins, and we end up talking for 30 minutes.

Here goes the clues.

1. This blogger is dark, (Funny enough, most bloggers I have met are dark, lol), but she is very dark.
2. For her size, she carries herself pretty well. (Now, this is another giveaway clue)
3. She cut her hair sometime last year.

So we have two bloggers to guess, and two vouchers to be won (for last week and this week)

I will upload a picture of me and the two bloggers next week. So guess who they are.

P.S: Only one answer is allowed. All these double answers are not allowed.

Guess the Blogger series

Hi everyone. It is no news that I love hooking up with bloggers, and have by now met many of them. I was with a blogger last week, and an idea popped into my mind. I always think of ways to keep the currently-drifting blogsville community cohesive. So I thought that instead of announcing that I met a blogger, I will start a guess the blogger series.

I will give clues based on what I noticed when I met them physically, and you should be able to decipher the person if you have been reading their blogs well, cos the clues will sort of be linked to that.

This exercise is merely for fun purposes, and not because of the N500 voucher number I will be giving to the first person that guesses correctly, because the gift only qualifies as a token, not a proper giveaway gift. And if you are not in Nigeria, I will send it to any of your friends or family members here. I am sure they will appreciate it.

So let me start with the blogger, who hosted me for 2 whole days last week. She spoilt me while I was with her.

1. She loves reading.
2. She has books with funny names such as 'The Ex-boyfriend' handbook', 'How to poo at work', 'How to kill your husband', etc.
3. She is not as dark as she paints herself to be. (This is like a major giveaway clue)
4. She does not like eating her food hot.

As an aside, cos I know this is not a clue. She once stayed in the same neighbourhood as me, but I never knew her.

I will upload a picture of me and the blogger next week.

Oya, start guessing o. Even if not for the token you will get, but just for the fun of it.

One more thing. You are not allow to nominate yourself, if you are suspecting yourself to be the subject of discussion.

P.S: I will be appearing on Moments with Mo on Ebony Life TV, DSTV channel 165 on Wednesday, 24/07/2013, by 8.30pm as I discuss Natural Hair in Nigeria with Mo Abudu, Dolapo Oni & Bolanle. Please, tune in and watch. Thanks

The Name by Atilola Moronfolu

Hi people. Remember the last video, when I said something was wrong with it?

Some people hit the nail on the head. I was too fast. And it was my fault, I didn't listen to my recorded self during rehearsals.

Now watch this one. Although there were a few parts I was unserious, but for a piece that was supposed to be serious, I liked it. It is actually the first video of mine I am watching without cringing all the way. Please, watch it till the end. you will be glad you did.

The Brain Drain by Atilola Moronfolu

Hi People,

This is one of my performances at the February edition of Word Up. I think there's something wrong with it, but watch and tell me what you think.

What if I begged you for money?

Hiya. If I asked you for N200 or even N1000 when I'm in need, I am sure you would give me. Well, that's why I'm asking you right now to get my latest book. Its a comedy/humour book to serve as my contribution to easing the stress living in this world sometimes poses.

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So just search on Okadabooks or amazon for the title, For Laff's Sake.

However, I must warn you before you go ahead. Make sure your ribs and lungs are in perfect condition before you buy this book, or else, you might not survive before you finish it.

So please, support me with that token of yours, which you would still have given me anyway even if I wasn't offering you any value, and add some sunshine to your life by laughing hard.

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Thanks for your support