Marketers needed. Please, spread the word

Good day people. Just a quick one. I am looking for secondary school leavers or part-time university students who want to make extra cash. The position is for commission-based marketing. They should be residing in Ogudu, Anthony, Ilupeju, Maryland, and Gbagada. Interested applicants should send their CV to, or call 07061141501. I need them like yesterday.

I know you might not be interested in this, but you might know people interested. So please, help spread the word, as some people are waiting for opportunities like this.


African Naturalistas Hair Butter - The New Look

Hi people, I know some of you know that I make Hair Butter, which I sell based on order. I have been working on the repackaging and standardisation of African Naturalistas Hair Butter. I was not comfortable with the way I was packaging it before, but I didn't really work on it because the orders came once in a while. But since I am not comfortable with something that doesn't portray excellence, I decided to just go ahead and repackage... in three different ranges.

Lemme quickly add that I am not a natural hair nazi, but I like natural hair, and like to help people with natural hair issues, which is why I started a natural hair blog a year ago. You can check it out here. Also, this Hair butter is not just for ladies with natural hair o, though it is made up of 100% natural ingredients.

So, I present to you the new look of African Naturalistas Hair Butter.

African Naturalistas Hair Butter range

They come in three different types

1. Lavie Life: Helps with Alopecia and controls breakage

African Naturalistas Hair Butter: Lavie Life

2. Minty Jazz: Stimulates growth and improves scalp health
African Naturalistas Hair Butter: Minty Jazz

3. Sweet Rosie: For Dandruff and Itchy scalp
African Naturalistas Hair Butter: Sweet Rosie

Wow, don't they look good? You must agree with me that they do. And guess what? It is madly affordable too. It costs just...

N700 - 100ml
N1200 - 250ml

So how do you order? Simple. You can order by sending an email to with the subject 'Hair Butter Order', or you can simply call me on 07061141501.

Would be expecting you all to order immediately. Thanks.

Antonyms of a Mirage - Free download on amazon on 25 August 2012

Hi Peeps, this is just a short and good-news post to let you know that you would be able to download my book, Antonyms of a Mirage, for free throughout today. 25, August, 2012. This offer opens by 12.00am US Pacific time, and closes by 11.59pm US Pacific time.

Another good news is that you don't need to own a kindle to get it. Just download the Kindle App for free, and you are on your way there.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on amazon, type the book title and start downloading away. You can use any of these links.

Amazon Kindle Edition - US Residents
Amazon Kindle Edition - UK and other Residents
And if you are in one of these EU countries, you know what to do. Use your own country's amazon.

P.S: For those who don't know about Antonyms of a Mirage, click here to read about it, including the synopsis.

Boosting Your Confidence... by Aloted Omoba

Hi peeps. How's the week going, hope cool? There is good news o. Yay! Seems a lot of bloggers are up to great things this year. Another one of us, has done something really cool, releasing her first ebook. And guess what... it is FREE. Yes o, you read right. Let me spell it for you F R E E. Free!

So who is this blogger? You might ask. It is no other person but our own aloted. Yes, same aloted of Purpose Driven Blog and From the Heart of Soul Sistas.

She has just launched her first ebook "Boosting Your Confidence, 15 Steps To Success In The Workplace" on her website this morning. 

The book is aimed towards women and mothers who have lost their confidence at work or in business and want to claim it back. Even men can learn a thing or two from the ebook! In fact everyone can read this ebook.
She outlines 15 steps in this easy to read book on boosting your confidence, some of which according to her, she has personally used herself when she lost her confidence sometime ago.
So what are you waiting for? I hope you won't slack o. You berra sharp up and get it while it's hot free. Just head over to her website ( to grab your copy now.
P.S: You can help Aloted spread the word about her ebook or your thoughts on the book after reading on twitter (hashtag #boostingconfidence) or facebook. You can also send the above link to your contacts.

By their books, you shall know them.

Hi everyone. How's everything? Please, I would like to ask you all a favour. Please, please, and please. I am on my knees. Yeah, seriously, I am typing this while kneeling in front of the laptop. Hopefully, technology will have a way of decoding to you that I am speaking the truth.

If you have read my book, I would need you to do a quick review for me. If you already have an amazon account (which most people do), its straight forward. And if you don't, just sign up and do the review, actually, it is very easy. One to three lines is okay (if that's all time allows you to type). Please, please and please... I am really begging you o. Just search for Antonyms of a Mirage on amazon. It doesn't matter if you got it free from me, you won it through a giveaway, or you bought it. Please, do the review. And yeah, especially those who I sent the soft copy to for free, and those that won it. You should pay this price naa... just kidding, lol. That's to tell you how serious I am.

In other news, guess which writer I hooked up with... Not once but twice? Yeah, you guessed right. Abimbola Dare, the author of The Small Print. We first hooked up at the Olympic Park at Stratford, then three days later, we ran into each other at a barbeque party. Imagine chatting with someone in the morning, not knowing that you had the same plans for the day. We spent like five hours together, although for few hours, I was screaming at the TV, along with the married men, rooting for Mo Farah and Usain Bolt while they were doing their thing (it was the last Saturday of the Olympics), while the women gathered together talking about... well 'Women things' (I was the only unmarried girl there... I think).

By their books... (Actually, she's on heels, I am not that short, lol)

Check out her wonderful smile

How to buy N60.00 Ewa Aganyin with just N40.00 – The Authentic Seven Step Manual by Atilola Moronfolu


I have been suspecting something for the past few months. As the days go by, my suspicion grows stronger. I think the woman selling Ewa Aganyin in my area has jazzed me with her beans. I am beginning to suspect that all these ‘Iya Bashira-ish’ rumours are true o, so my pipuls, if you must patronise Bukas, shine your eyes well well. Or how can I explain how I always want to eat her Ewa Aganyin every single day.  It doesn’t matter whether there is food at home or not, I still crave for her beans. Even when we are having parties in my house, I still send someone to buy her beans with bread, despite all the plenty food at home. The overall irony of all is that I don’t even like beans, and cannot stand where they are cooking any type of beans. The only type of beans I now eat is Ewa Aganyin and preferably the one from this particular woman in my area. You see why I am suspecting the jazz thing?

After my many bowl-carrying trips to her place, to and from work, I realised that I will be spending an overall substantial part of my salary, which is not very much, with her. Because of the efficiency of the yet-to-be-proved-but-effective jazz, I always feel that the beans they sell to me is too small. So, with my newly acquired experience and expertise in buying Ewa Aganyin, I have now been able to develop a wise way of buying N40.00 beans and a substantial Ewa Aganyin pepper that would satisfy me.

This method works all the time with any Ewa Aganyin seller, I can beat my chest to it. This manual I am selling to you has a money-back guarantee backing it, so no worries. So here it goes

Step 1
Walk to the small girl selling the beans (usually, the owner of the shop is not the one selling, she usually puts a smaller girl she imported from Cotonou. This is one of the reasons why the beans is always smaller, as she doesn’t want to oversell and later receive a knock from her madam) from her Ikoko Irin.

Step 2
Ask the girl to sell N30.00 beans to you. Yes, I know its N40.00 beans you want to buy, but just follow my instruction. I am the Ewa Aganyin-buying expert here so do as I say you read. Ask her to sell N30.00 beans. In most cases, she will sell you three table spoons of beans. If you are like me, you will be internally fuming at the small size of beans, but externally keeping your calm and acting tush because you got down from your car to buy the beans. Also, you don’t want the onise owos (artisans) sitting on the wooden bench, eating, to see you lose your cool.

Step 3
Please, monitor the number of table spoons of beans she is selling, as she is going to sell only three and will be speedy about it, as you are not the only customer waiting to be attended to. When the girl is about to sell the third spoon, say this to her, “Abeg, sell am well well o.” This will make the small girl feel she did not sell the first two spoons well, so she will ensure that the last spoon gauges well, and this act will ensure that your beans is a little more than the usual three table spoons.

Step 4
Once Step 3 is completed, before she puts the Ewa Aganyin special pepper on top of the beans, say this to her “Won’t you put fisi?” This manual advises that you say this in Yoruba. She is an imported Egun girl from the Badagry borders, and would most likely understand Yoruba. If you don’t speak Yoruba, say it in Pidgin. If you don’t speak Yoruba and Pidgin, well, I wonder why you are reading this manual in the first place. Go and buy your Ewa Aganyin from Mr Biggs’ Village kitchen. The sad fact is that the N200.00 Ewa Aganyin you would be buying there is going to be equivalent to the N30.00 own we are pricing here. Sorry o, but after all, you are blessed. So please, walk on or flip over to the next page to read the next article.

So as I was saying to the people that can speak Yoruba or Pidgin. Ask the lady for fisi. Most Lagos sellers comply with the ‘fisi policy’. Don’t be surprised if the small girl has started frowning by now. Don’t worry, your own is to make sure you get the maximum benefit from your money by following this manual. After putting the fisi, your N30.00 beans should be slightly more that the N40.00 value for now. She will then sell the special pepper on top.

Step 5
After she has packed your food and given you back your bowl, put it in the carrier bag you brought with you. Hopefully, you didn’t just get down from your car with a bowl without a carrier bag, as you are not interested in announcing to the whole world that you just bought Ewa Aganyin. Hold your food and hesitate a bit. Ask for bread if you want one.

You have to apply skill in what you are about to do now. No one must suspect that you have thought of this before. All of a sudden, bring out the bowl of beans you initially bought in an instant, and say to the small girl, “You know what, I don’t think this N30.00 beans will be enough, make it N40.00.” Yes, if the small girl is wise, which she might most likely not be, she would glance at you, knowing you just scammed her. But she would have no choice to collect the bowl from you and add another table spoon. Whatever is in your bowl by now, though it cost N40.00, would not have been as much as this if you had told the girl to sell you N40.00 beans right from the start. You see why I said I am the expert and you must follow the instructions of this manual?

Step 6
Just like one of the numerical methods in Pure Mathematics (I cannot let my GEG 402 Engineering Mathematics course go to waste), this is called an Iterative step, or what we call Iteration. Repeat Step 3, and tell her, “Abeg, sell well well o.” For the second time, she would be forced to gauge the spoon well again. By now, your N40.00 beans should be reaching like N60.00 value.

Step 7 (optional)
Just in case you are feeling lucky, you can press the Google’s ‘I-am-feeling-lucky-button’, and repeat Step 4 by telling the small girl to add fisi again. You take this particular step at your own risk. I would not take responsibility for what would happen to you if you do not take this particular step wisely. You must be able to be sensitive to the atmosphere in the environment. This step is for the extremely wise and cautious. It is really not compulsory, as your N40.00 Ewa Aganyin should be voluminous by now. So don’t do overkill because of greed.

So yes these are the steps to buying beans worth of N60.00 with just N40.00. As I said before, this manual is being sold to you with a money-back guarantee. It means, if it doesn’t work for you, I would return your money, provided you show me the beans your Ewa Aganyin vendor normally sells for N40.00 and the one she sells for N60.00. You must also show the one you actually bought for you to have known the manual did not work, so we can compare and confirm that these claims you make are real and true.

Not Another Statistic


Two million people died of malaria last year
The worldwide divorce rate hovers around 53 per cent
One hundred and twenty six women and children were murdered in Jos last night
Fourteen million Nigerian youths and adults are unemployed
More than half a million people are die of  typhoid fever annually
Five thousand people were killed by the earthquake in Asia two weeks ago.

I refuse to be just another statistic
Making up numbers to be sung like music
Only useful for the pages of newspapers and websites
People shaking their head in pity at my plight
Not pity for my name, ‘cause it wasn’t even mentioned
But for the large number I’ve been immersed in just like an ocean

I choose to stand out of the crowd and lift my head up high
So when I die, fireworks would be flashing on the sky
Not just by writing my name in the sands of time
Cos when the tides overflow, it would be gone, like it never existed and it wouldn’t worth a dime
But by etching my name in the immovable rock of earthly eternity
Where no one can ever wipe as it would be stronger than reality

A city set of a hill. This is what i choose to be as I walk along the way
Not just another flaming statistic who made the headlines today
But tomorrow, no one remembered if I died or chose to stay
As I was just news to be read away