Internet Celebrity

Hey people, I am so so overwhelmed. Please, pray for me. In the mean time, enjoy this Rant I title Internet Celebrity


No! I will not like your fanpage on facebook
I am not your fan
I will not follow you on twitter
You have no uplifting message to pass across
I don’t care if you click the unfriend button on my wall
It doesn’t put ......

Watch out for the True Story behind Antonyms of a Mirage next week.

Bloggers Appreciation, Book giveaway, et al

Good day people, how’s everything going? Hope cool? I have had so much on my plate lately, that it took God's grace not to be overwhelmed by them. Now, I appreciate what people like myne go through when they are in the middle of a project.

For everyone that read my last post, watched the trailer, appreciated me publicly or silently, I want to say a big thank you. What I have learnt from this, is that everything we see around us today started with a thought, so we should never take our thoughts for granted.

I would love to appreciate every single blogger that follows me, reads my blog or drops comments. You are all a major factor in the success of this project. Remember when I had issues with choosing a title, how you all encouraged me? Remember how you critiqued my work, and you did it constructively? People who are not on blogger comment on how good a writer I am, but you and I know the truth. I wouldn’t receive such comments today if not for you guys.

I want to appreciate Myne for her support in shedding some light along the path. I want to thank her for her show of support. I also want to thank Miss Pweddy Face for helping me with the final proof reading. She came through for me at a time when she was really needed. I'll be seeing her in camera. Gracias

The e-book is ready for sale on amazon and for kindle owners. To purchase there, click on the link below or the amazon widget on the right. The amazon paperback version will be ready in a few days. The hard copy will be available in Nigeria next month.

And so, I will be doing a series of giveaways on this blog. I believe that by the time I am done, more than half of you would have received a free e-book. So for everyone who asked me how soon a jiffy is... well, a jiffy is this very moment.

So the first giveaway is for people that are interested in helping me broadcast on their blog. I understand that you guys don't have to do this, but please, I need your support once more, because I know that not all bloggers follow this blog. Please, please and please

If you are interested, this is what would be required
1. Do a short post about the book. I'll send you preview to add to the post
2. Put up the trailer and the cover page below the post, like I did in my last post. I’ll also send you the link where others can buy the book on amazon
3. Put the cover page as a picture on the side gadget of your blog for at least, one month and link the picture to this link below
4. I will then send you a free e-book as a gift. And you can use this e-book for your own personal blog giveaway to your own followers, in any way you see fit, but it must be to one person only.

This phase is more of rally round support for me, than a giveaway. I really need your help, thanks. If you are interested in this particular giveaway, send a mail to, or just lemme know in the comment section. Thanks

P.S: The trailer link you will be putting up is not exactly the same as that of the one in the last post, as the end is quite different. That one says, 'coming to you, in a jiffy'. The one you will be putting on says 'now available in book stores, amazon, and other online book stores'. Here is a link to the trailer you will be required to put.
For those who missed the trailer in the last post, you can watch it here.

Thank you all for your anticipated support

Antonyms of a Mirage - Cover and Book Trailer

Hi People, I am so sooooooooooo happy. Please, raise that to power 100. After an unnecessary two-month delay, which could have been avoided, the book is finally ready. Please, find the book cover below and the video trailer. I can now move on to other things.

Lemme know what you think.


Below is the Book Trailer

Almighty's Formula by Atilola Moronfolu


Who has discovered the formula to calculate God?
Cos I sure would like to know it
Yesterday it was to fight, as His kingdom suffereth violence
Today, it is to stand still and see His salvation

Who has discovered the formula to calculate God?
Cos I sure would like to know it
Cos yesterday the preacher told me it’s my turn for increase
Two days later, a termination letter was all I had

Who has discovered the formula to calculate God?
Cos I sure would like to know it
Cos yesterday He told me to propose to sister, as she’s His will for me
But today, sister is with another brother at the altar

Who has discovered the formula to calculate God?
Cos I sure would like to know it
Cos Tina who had five abortions conceived on her wedding night
But I kept myself virtuous, yet remain childless after 10 years

Who has discovered the formula to calculate God?
Cos I sure would like to know it
Cos I was broke last year and asked Him for money and he provided the exact amount mysteriously
I was broke yesterday, I used the same prayer point, and in the same prayer room, but received no kobo

Who has discovered the formula to calculate God?
Cos I sure would like to know it
Cos two neighbours each had sickle cell kids, praying for a miracle with the same fervency
One kid died, while one had his genotype mysteriously change to AA at the age of 13

Who has discovered the formula to calculate God?
Cos I sure would like to know it
Cos sometimes I feel life would be easier
If only I could calculate what He would do next.

Memoirs of a Lagos Bus Beggar

Hi people, how’s the week going? As for the final entry game, from the way things were going at first, Fire and Brimstone Preacher took the lead. Then all of a sudden, Memoirs of a Lagos Bus Beggar came forth, like an underdog. This shows that anything can happen in this world and that we should never say never, until we get to the finish point. The score at the end was 8 – 7, apparently in favour of t Memoirs of a Lagos Bus Beggar. Enjoy