Antonyms of a Mirage

First of all, I want to thank everyone that helped me with suggestions and advice in this post. I don’t really know what I would have done if I were not on blogger. In fact, if I were not on blogger, I don’t think my book project would have been possible, because I wouldn’t have been able to develop my writing skills.
So, according to 100% of the opinions, I will be dropping the name ‘The Write Lady’. I will really miss you though, we were best of friends, but I need to leave you to your legal owner. I have already taken it down from my twitter handle @hattylolla, using my real name for the main time, that is till I find an untaken pen name.

As for the book title, though I love Curious Cases, after Myne discovered the issue with Curious it, I disliked her for the next 10 seconds and then after much deliberation, I decided to drop the name and wait for another 7 months for the next nice name to drop in my head. Fortunately for me, I waited for just one day and something struck.

The title Curious Cases really captured the concept of the book, not exactly the content. So I told myself, ‘I can either go the concept way or the content way. What if I look at the contents and name the book that way?’ That was also hard sha because of the nature of the book, which you all know by now. I then asked myself again ‘What is the common factor of all the entries in the book?’ The obvious answer to that was REALITY. The truth is that the common man can relate to all the entries, even though a single person might not have personally experienced every story (I hope so sha, or else the person will be pretty messed up). Apart from the reality factor, I don’t think there’s any common factor.

Obviously, even though the common factor is Reality, I can’t title my book Reality, it is just too boring and not catchy at all. Imagine if I said, ‘Hey Ginger, HoneyDame, buy my book, the title is Reality.’ What will be your response? So I asked myself ‘What is the opposite of reality? The title of my book will be the Opposite of the Opposite of Reality.’ I hope you get the concept. In maths, they said - × - = +. This means that the Opposite of the Opposite of Reality = Reality.

Another word for Opposite is Antonym and there are so many antonyms of reality in English language. I went for Mirage because it also captures the concept of the different changing characters in the book. So my dear readers Reality = Antonyms of a Mirage. There goes the book title, ANTONYMS OF A MIRAGE.

In other news, the book cover and character drawings are not ready. I am so sad, because my graphic designer was on his way to me for an appointment and guess what happened, he was robbed and by who? By fake policemen. They took his laptop, iPad and phone. He had my number in his head, and borrowed a phone from a passerby to call me and tell me about the situation. He said he was going to a police station to report the situation. People, I have not heard from him since then o. He hasn’t replied my mails but I was able to ascertain that he’s safe. I am not happy at all because this has drawn me back in my target time by 2 weeks. Anytime I remember the situation, I just get really pissed. I pray I get to see him very soon.

Have a great week

My First Poetry Reading - Myopia

Good day people. Today's post is not one I am really proud to share, but must share all the same. If I knew I was gonna be on camera, I would have composed myself and gesticulated better, instead of standing like a statue. It was my first poetry reading ever. I recited my poem, Myopia. It was on blog last year and generated a lot of comments but it has been taken down.

Apart from my 10 year old birthday video when I was jumping up and down, I have never really watched myself on camera. I don't think I like the way my mouth moves sha, lol. I watched it and was like 'is this how I talk in real life?' I just had to cover my eyes.

This is a poetry reading session is called Loudthotz Poetry reading. It takes place every second Thursday of the month. I attended in January and really loved it, but was too ill to go for February's own. By the grace of God, I won't miss that of march. Join me there, if you can. I believe anyone that writes poems should be there to meet people of like minds. It is organized by Independent Poet Concerns.

Enjoy the video.

Your opinion is really needed

Hi People, sorry for the absence on my blog. I was really ill. I don’t know if you could tell from the one-word comments I was leaving on your blogs, but thanks to God, I am getting better.

I want to run something by you guys, just to get your opinions. I wanted to brand myself sometime last year, so I started calling myself The Write Lady. I made sure people identified me that way and attached the name to me. I was going to design the brand and then changed the template of this blog to conform to it. In the process of doing that, I found out that there was a female ghost writer who already calls herself that same name. In fact, she had already registered the name. I was really pained cos I really love the name. My question therefore is, will I be doing wrong to still address myself by that name and still let people refer to me that way, even though I am not going to legally own it. All I want to do is brand myself and everything about my writing and editing that way. So what do you guys think?

If you don’t think I should keep holding on to the name, what other name close to that can you suggest?
Finally, I think I found a name for my book. Can you imagine that my book has been with the graphic designer and the person doing the trailer for one month and it had no title? I didn’t even have the effrontery to rush them as I was the major culprit. The ailment didn’t make it any better. Anyway, I have decided to call my book Curious Cases. Wow, such a relief... after about 7 months of looking for a title.

I decided to go with Curious Cases because it’s an anthology with each page unfolding a very unexpected write-up. It is a book of split personalities, a total of six personalities dragging you into the book and all of them fighting for your attention, thereby kicking each other out of the pages. I really cannot explain, but when you see it, you will understand.

It has poetry, prose and drama. It has comedy, tragedy and serious stuffs all in it. It also has both animations and real life experience in it. One thing is sure, you will be able to relate to every single page.
Also, the book is going to be in volumes, because I will keep writing these sorts of things. That also delayed my finding a title cos I wanted a catchy title that will be able to retain its ‘catchiness’, no matter how the content might change and how long it will be required to stay in the market.

So the second opinion of yours I need is what do you think about the title, Curious Cases? Does it draw you to want to know what the book is about? Do you think it is a good enough title for an anthology with multiple volumes? Does it reflect a split personality? If you think you have a better title that reflects these things, please, can you suggest it?

Thanks in advance, as you try to address the two situations stated above.