Mummy likes mine best

Hello people, thanks for all the comments in my last post. They were really helpful, and I have learnt more, what will I do without you guys? I am definitely going to rewrite a whole lot on the story. My phone has been repaired, but sadly I lost all my documents. I wanted to repair it in Nokia at first, they said N10,600 but the sad part is that they couldn’t guarantee that the documents won’t be lost so I just took it to computer village where I repaired it for N3000. At least, I did pay as much even though the N3000 pained me small too. I just lied to you all, I did not lose any document, it is all intact. I am dancing up and down now

So onto today’s post, I realised that some people were finding it hard to believe how the mother acted in the last post. Well people, that stuff is real and some girls went through such after being abused by their fathers. Niways, by the time I am done with this post, you will realise that that mother was an angel compared to some other mothers
About nine years ago, I was listening to a program on Metro 97.6 FM, where some counsellor of an NGO was being interviewed. At some point the woman told us of a call she got that same morning. People, this is true, better believe it. I did not hear this story from someone that told someone that told someone, I heard it directly from the NGO counsellor that was handling the case. When she was telling us, the case was still with the police force

Basically, the guy had four children. The first born was about four-five years, a set of twins of about three and a last child of about two. Can’t remember the gender arrangement, I can only remember that the first born is a guy. The parents are both working class people and they had a wonderful marriage. So the man walks in one day and finds the children seriously arguing. They were saying ‘mummy likes my own best’, ‘no its mine mummy likes best, she told me’, ‘no its mine’, etc. The guy wanted to find out what the cause of argument was and then called the children.
They were reluctant to answer at first because the mummy told them not to tell daddy or so, but you know kids, it did not even take much effort from the man before everything came out. Basically, the woman was telling her children to perform oral sex on her. Yes, you read right, she always asked them to take turns in licking her vagina every night. She then went on to even say one pleases her the most and I guess she had told them this statement at different times and it led to the argument. So it was a thing of pride for them.

In case, you forgot their age, you can read the fourth paragraph again. They couldn’t have known they were doing anything wrong then, so she basically used their innocence to please herself and abuse them. Pure evil! I really pitied the man when I heard this. The counsellor said the man was as confused as anything at the time she was giving the interview. What do you expect the man to do? He never suspected because, mehn! This is their mother we are talking about. A normal looking human being like our colleagues we meet at school and work. Apparently, they don’t label people’s foreheads with the word ‘Child Abuser’ when we are looking for a partner

How else can we protect our kids? You keep them from lesson teachers, nannies, uncles, cousins, etc. So will we now start keeping them from our spouses? Or is it that before we leave our houses every morning, we will not tell our partner ‘honey, I am leaving for the office, please make sure you don’t sexually abuse junior, because you know these things happen?’
Well people, here it is, happening here live. Those kids are almost teenagers now, only God knows what happened to them and became of their family.

Leaving you for now, you can blow off your steam in the comment session. I am all ears

So, I am still working on the entries for my book. I need 60 entries but right now I have only 33, some of which are poems and comedy from this blog. Anyway, I will be posting some for you to read as we have been on this journey together. So this is how intend to go about it. After every three entries I complete, I will put the title and what they are about. Then you will all choose the one you want to read and I will put up the one with the highest vote. I won’t be responsible if you choose the wackest of the three o.
So onto the current three
  1. Blessing Gbeborun- A pidgin English poem about a neighbourhood gbeborun. I don’t think it is so on point. I wrote it and it is my opinion, so people that will be voting to read this, don’t say I did not warn you
  2. Akanni street- A poem about numerous churches in Nigeria, disturbing neighbourhood peace and not really impacting the nation
  3. The same cane- A poem about a husband snatcher that got dealt with the same blow after chasing the woman out

So choose the one you want.

P.S: I featured J’Odie, the famous Nigerian soul musician in my AfricaNaturalistas, Natural Hair blog. She talked about why and how she decided to go natural and will write more posts later. You can read the post here

Peace out for now

Phone Crash + Short Story from my Book

Hello everyone, sorry I have not posted in two weeks and it was on purpose, I have started the write-ups for my upcoming book and I couldn’t afford to start putting them up yet. Right now, I am not happy at all because I did a short story and a poem on my Nokia E63, but the phone went off and has refused to come back on. Please, any help will be needed as some important but incomplete write-ups are on that phone. I tend to write in traffic on my way home, that is why I use my phone at times. But now, I have started rewriting. I don't know if it will be better or worse than the first. The upcoming book will have a series of comedy write-ups, poems and short stories. Anyway, her is an excerpt of what I wrote, it is one of the short stories. I wrote it in the first person singular/present continuous tense style. That is my preferred style for writing this particular story

Picture from Chantle White

Two weeks to your eleventh birthday, it is summer time. You are not allowed to play or travel because your results are not very good. Your brothers have gone to the boys scout summer camp. Mummy is in a conference in Brazil and the nanny stays with you before your private lesson teacher comes to teach you. You haven’t taken your bath and still in your nightwear. Daddy comes home from work by 11am. He says he is too tired to go to work, he tells the nanny to go home. You are happy, daddy has come home to play with you. He sits down and you jump on his lap, you pull his ears and nose and laugh at how big they are. He touches you small breasts, you think it is a mistake so you ignore. Then he starts groping you all over, you are in shock, this is daddy, your lovely daddy, not Uncle Peter or Cousin Kola. He removes your cloth and forces himself inside you. You are screaming as he is on you, he covers your mouth and slaps you. He gets up, he tells you never to mention a word to mummy because she will never believe you. You run into your room, you cry all day. Mummy is coming back from Brazil tomorrow. You don’t believe daddy so you decide that you will tell mummy, because you know she will do something about it. You don’t sleep all night, anxiety takes over your being.

Tomorrow comes! It is 1pm, and mummy arrives. She is happy to see you, she sees your eyes, she takes you to your room and asks what is wrong. She hardly gets the question out before the events of last night all comes spilling out of your lips. You are done talking, you see the emotions, the change in mummy’s face and before you know what is happening, a hard smack lands on your cheeks. Same cheeks daddy smacked last night, second time in a row. She says ‘How dare you? How dare you concoct such lies against my husband? I know! I know you have been trying to seduce my husband and take his affections from me. When your plan did not work, you now decided to tell lies against him. I am very sure my baby was switched at the hospital, because you can never be my daughter.’ She hits you harder all over your body and sends you to your room. Life between mummy and daddy remain the same as usual, they are all smiles but mummy now hates you and makes you do all the house chores and calls you small devil.


The end goes this way

You are 38, a bank manager, used and abused by all sorts of men in the past, domineering in the present. You haven’t seen your family in eighteen years, and you have no intentions of doing that. You are wealthy and lack nothing but you are searching… searching for love, the love you have never found, but everyone seems to have. You are looking in the wrong places, searching for love…

This is all I can share out of the story. The rest is inside the book, lol. Please, share your comments and criticisms. They are much needed

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