TGIFridays Experience and 100th Post Giveaway

Hello my people, how did your weekend go? I am still at Minna, the hotel I stay at has one wireless connection that is as slow as a snail, but it is better than nothing. Can you imagine,  I fell ill at Minna, but I am better now. So I thought to tell a story with the pictures I took at TGIFridays in Lakeside

The served us the the appetizer which was fried chicken and Jack Daniels sauce. All these British food sha, it tasted more like Akara to me. After tasting part of it, I decide to leave my stomach open for better things

One thing about TGIFridays is their big plates. When the main course came, I cleared the large plate in no time. I had chips, onion rings, pork ribs, large prawns, etc, all in one plate. Everyone was surprised at how I cleared the whole thing.

Next came a  very very very large tumbler of Iced cream. The picture of that have other people in it, so I did not post it. OH and I cleared that one together.

After thar was this hot cale with ice cream on it. I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish it because by this time, I was already full and OH was reluctant in helping me out. So I decided to take it as a challenge.

Notice how the cake has started reducing...

I finally did the deed

The shout of victory. I finished it all, except the akara-tasting chicken. Needless to say, I am still suffering the consequences of indigestion till now. Na my okukokoro cause am.

Ok peeps, there are more pictures, but I did not want to overload you with them.

I have finally decided what to do for my 100th post. Please, ask me whatever question you want and I will answer them all. The person whose question I am most impressed with will get Myne's novel. A Love Rekindled. I kept it for this purpose.

So go on with the comments on the pictures and ask your questions right away.


  1. LOL @TGI Fridays experience

    BTW - The Jack Daniels sauce is an American thing.

    The plate of ice-cream really made me salivate....*droll*

    Hope you are feeling better.

    My question - Are you in a relationship right now.....and no..I'm not asking you out. I'm just curious.

  2. Mehn!! Serious clearing babe! LOL. Now i wish i had a big plate of icecream *sigh*


  3. Forgive my illiterate keyboard - I meant *drool* at the Ice cream
    Have a fab week

  4. LOL@ akara....yummy makes me want some ice cream..
    What type of job do you do? How are you planning to impact Nigeria now or in the nearest future given its state in the past and present..

    I concur with NIL ;)

  5. LOL @ Akara-tasting Chicken... hahahahaha I've never heard that one before :D

    Your dessert is calling my name.

    Do you have siblings?

  6. you ruined it with your ASSnal jersey ...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

  7. you're definitely having fun in minna, jst make sure u dnt gain a gazillion pounds lol. Congrats on ur 100th post!

  8. LMAO...Akara tasting chicken ?? Akara is delish o. lol.....
    You are living the good life :).

  9. I'm glad dat ur feeling better!!!

    Lol @ akara tasting chicken!

    U sure did clear ur plates, na wah nothin do u!

    My questions to you: Where is your greatest goal in life?

  10. Congrats on your 100th post!
    God deliver us from akara tasting chicken. Girl, you sabi eat o for that petite figure I dey see so. I thought a big appetite like this is for thick madams like myself;-)
    I like people who enjoy their food jare. Don't lose that figure sha.

  11. Oh la la, u av me salivating! Thats some good eating there......wish I had ur appetite oh!

    Congrats on the 100th post.

    Question......hmmmn, fast forward 5 years.....where do u want to be in All-wise?

  12. @ Naijamum: Yeah, I remember now. OH told me that TGIFridays is American. Plus all the old american musicians posters they always have around. Go to TGIFridays and have your own plate of ice cream

    @ The Corner shop: Eeya, next time I go there, I will ship a plate over to you. Only that it might have melted on the plane.

    @ Unveilinggold: Pele oo, go and buy yours. I aint giving you

    @ Prism: Its my dessert and I determine whose name it calls. Right now, your name doesn't sound too nice to it.

  13. @ lani: I want to believe you are a Man U or Chelsea fan. In the whole post, the onlu thing you noticed is the Arsenal Jersey abi? *smh

    @ kitkat: Did you read the blog at all or you just assumed I took these pictures in Minna? Sorry to burst your bubbles, but I don't think Minna is this much fun. I am at a client site in Minna, working all day. I took these pictures in Lakeside in London, like I mentioned in the post

    @ 9jaFoodie: Yes o, everyone deserves a good life

    @ Blessing: Thanks. I need good health more than anything

  14. @ Naijalines: Its not like that o. I dont't even eat so much normally. I can't eat 3 square meals. I just decided to finish that one. I love my figure and am happy to keep it that way

    @ Omoregee: Be careful what you wish for, cos you might just get it. I don't have a great appetite normally, this was just a one off


    *mouth agape*

    hahahahahahahahaha @ suffering the consequences...& fried chicken tasting like Akara :)))

    1OOTH post?..congratulations question....*thinking hard becox i gat to win that novel!* ....................................................................................................................................................................hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*still thinking ooooo....i will get back to you o jare! E be like say my brain no wan cooperate with me this evening....see you later you hear?....take care.


  17. LMAO, that was some mean feat you tackled o....thumbs up girl, e no easy at

    I'm bad at asking questions (cos i tend to go too deep) so I'd just sit back and enjoy the answers you give to the others...waiting expectantly

  18. Lol mehn you tried to finish everything o! I'll definitely love to be around people like you. You remind me of my sister, 'never leave the food to be wasted'! Anyway, I can understand,the way TGIF present their foods can be very tempting too :)
    I'm ffg your blog now, check mine at:

    Question: Do you have any special beauty secret tips? What could it be?

    I love asking ladies this. It's amazing how everyone always have this special something that might be absolutely new, but very interesting.

  19. o boy! that is a lot of food o.. but who am i to talk, i love food...

    yum yum yum!

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  21. Blessings.....
    On the Holley Hole Picture, it's a woman sitting down with her legs open and you can see the tear in her pants where her leg is peeping through. In front of her is a knap sack.

    Ask you anything.
    Hmmmmmmmm, well its an easy yet complex series of questions that requires definite defined answers and ones I hope will be enlighting to you as they will be hopefully to me.

    part 1:
    Do you love yourself inside out, outside in?

    Part 2:
    If the answer is yes,

    2B: What things do for yourself that enriches and nourishes your being?

    2C: How do you hold yourself accountable for your poor decisions?

    2D: Are you able to forgive yourself your humanness and move forward without beating up yourself and getting stuck in the what should have been, if only I had?

    2E: How do you celebrate you, your uniqueness and autenthicity?

    2F: How do you stay motivated, hopeful and faithful to you, your thoughts, beliefs and ideals?

    Part 3:
    If the answer is no.....

    3B: Why not?

    3C: What is preventing your from loving yourself completely?

    3C.1: Are the influences external that prevents you from loving self?

    3C.2: Are they internal?

    3C.3: Are they rooted in childhood traumas?

    3D: What do you plan to do about it?

    3E: How do you plan to teach yourself how to love yourself as you are and understand that you are enough?

    I would love to read your thoughts on my questions.

    Have a blessed day...

  22. hahaha...u're a grubby o.

    funny replies to comments, u're quite straight to the point young lady. I'm tryna wrap my head around the fact that you finished all that food. plus u look quite petite.

    Are you pleased with your current state in life?

  23. Hey Ilola, cant believe you were in my hood (i.e Lakeside area) and never popped in for tea. I no dey forgive you oooo... lol

    Hope u've been fine my dear....I've missed all u Blogger mates...:(

    Question : If God said He would grant you three requests instantly, what would you ask for?

    PS Gunners for life! Yeah mhen...:D

  24. Lol I can't believe you finished all the food oh and thanks to you, I'm hungry...I want that book oh but I don't know what questions to ask...I guess I'll be back

  25. @ Ibhade: Yes o. I had to deal with a bloated stomach for a while. It seemed kinda weird for someone that is always proud of flat tummy

    @ Jhazmyn: Thanks and thanks for dropping by

    @ MsJB: Thanks. Lol at your sisters. I don't like to waste food but I definitely don't eat too much

    @ angelsbeauty: I hate boring food, I love creative food

  26. @ Rhapsody: Thanks for explaining better

    @ H: See how you finished me. Its not like that o. I promised

    @ Gospel Girl: really? you stay at lakeside? I was there twice. If only I knew. Well, next time I come to the UK, we'll definitely hook up. Will that be okay by you?

    @ Iwalewae: me too, I can't believe. Thanks for dropping by, I would be expecting you.

  27. ilola! How did I choose to visit you on THIS day of ALL days. You are talking about AND showing fotos of Food!!!!! OK, there 'almost' goes my detox!!!!! Lol!

    It was fun being here though. Bless you!

  28. Looking forward to your 100 Post o. Maybe this is my opportunity to read Myne's book at last.

    For one thing, I am happy you are a fellow gunner. That your T-shirt makes serious sense! #Gunners4life

    Wait o... you will soon increase in size with the way you eat o... gently Tell me about slow internet in Nigeria.. I was there last year July and omg! It is well. I won't say too much.

    My Question: Would you say you have identified your purpose/Assignment in life? If so, what is it?

    - LDP

  29. ROFL, AuntyLola...u de chop o!!!
    Anyway, offences, I think the topping on the cake is custard cream not "ice cream".
    Seriously, if I had eaten all that I would be ROFC or ROFS(rolling on floor crying or screaming).

    Happy 100th Bloggiversary; as u don open gate for question some people have decided to set 3hr exam "answer all" questions with sub-questions & all (only thing missing is the marks attached per question). It's allowed anyway...

    I'm not the very nosy type so my own question is simple, short, straightforward and related to the ongoing blog:

    What happened in the toilet the next day?

  30. That dessert ehn...*licks lips*. I love the photo story by the way:)

  31. @ DesperateNaijawoman: Please, I am so sorry. forgive me. I have been reasing your posts and I know you are currently detoxing. Only for me to come and 'derail' you. Please, don't allow this stop you from coming back o.

    @ LDP: Nice, so you are a gunner. Truth is I am not a fan of any club, but my fiancee got me this because he is an arsenal fan. Don't worry, I am not increasing in any size, cos I don't eat a lot

    @ Anonymous: The topping is not custard cream. Are you the one that ate it? If I catch you ehn!!!
    You are indeed not the nosy type. lol

    @ koinonia: Thanks so much. Please, don't bite your lips o

  32. That desert looks yummy!

    Your shirt is distracting by the way lol

    (proud Manchester Utd supporter)


  33. I want some of the dessert, it must have been good. I love this post, hilarious!

  34. Those akara tasting (lol) chicken bits really tasted nice. these pics are hilarious.. you just kept at it, u dey try o.. the desert, oooo so yummy. thumbs up, so funny.

  35. The plates are really LARGE!! nice pictures...

  36. hmmmnnnnnn....when i see a pregnant woman,I know how large a woman's stomach can be,you really threw caution though the window O!I wonder what the melodic musician Bright Chimezie would have sang this time? "A black girl wey dey here, she's committing...."lol...One thing is very clear to me, You have a very healthy appetite O!

    my question: What other thing would you do for a living besides writing and blogging?



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