I am vexing jo

Heeeyyyyyyy peeeeeeeepppppppssss, I missed you guuyyyyyssssss!!!!!
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I am so happy to be blogging again, It has beeennnn soooooo looooonng. This is my first uncoordinated post. It is because I just got a laptop to use and the first thing I thought of was blogsville.

I am vexing for you guys sha ooo.  Eku airini aibere eni (well done on not seeing me and not asking of me). Ahn ahhhnnn now, are you guys not my blog friends again? At least you know it is unlike me not to blog at least a week and also comment on your blog posts. I am soooo saaad, I was expecting to be missed and here I am, just to find out that you guys haven's asked of me (sulking face).

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Well, I am sure that you are wondering what caused my unplanned absence. Well, plenty things o. My Internet subscription, Blackberry and employers just decided to come together to plan my blogsville downfall but when there is a will, there is a way.

That is how 2 Fridays ago, my subscription expired, 4 days later, my Blackberry service expired and they put me on one very busy and excruciating engagement that I couldn't even see road, talk less of blog. I started the job for one week before proceeding on my leave, which is why I could not renew my internet and BB, since I wasn't going to be in the country to use it. So, right now, I am in Naijamum's country. If only she were not anonymous, I would have gone to her house, so I could learn how to be a good mum. I ran into some issues with my BB, that I can't solve till I get back to Lagos, which is in 2 weeks time. Till then I will be gallivanting about, till the spirit leads me to Naijamum's house or Beautiful's school.

The two things I miss most now is Blogsville and the BB, even though you guys haven't missed me and asked for me o. Its all good sha, I will device a way to 'do my own back'.

I am still sad and sulky o, so please don't beg me because I am already doing 'asko' for you...