The Voter and the Missionary

On the day I was trying to do my voters’ registration, one man was having problem scanning his fingerprints. He kept trying and trying but it kept failing, then people started getting restless and later asked him to leave. I really felt bad for the man because he was quiet all through and looked embarrassed. So, one woman said he should check what he is doing wrong, that maybe he did not pray that day or maybe he did not go to church (it was a Sunday). Just as I was wondering what the woman’s issue was, someone gave her a quizzical look. And she looked back and said ‘It is true’. She said she realized that the day people don’t go to church, something bad happen. She gave an example of one time when she rushed out of church so she could get home early, she ended up staying at the bus stop so long that it was until when the service was over that she got a bus. In my mind, I was like 'what'? She had the ‘No trouser, No earring’ look but I couldn’t ascertain which church she attended.

(Picture from evolvefish)
The Bible says that our father in heaven makes rain fall on both the just and the unjust (Matt 5: 45). The fact that someone did not go to church or is not a Christian does not mean his fingerprint should not scan, otherwise only Christians will have the right to vote. Let us face the truth, some of the INEC scanners were not sharp and they had problem scanning fingerprints of old people, including that of Olusegun Obasanjo. Why would someone want to relate everything that happens to religion or righteousness? Some people have just determined to preach heresies whenever they have the opportunity, while some other so-called Christians are just too judgemental, thereby becoming a stumbling block to some people that would want to come to repentance.

When it got to the woman’s turn to register, they asked for her occupation and she said she is a missionary. I thought to myself, 'Figures, some new converts are in trouble'!

One Lovely Blog Award

As a response to the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ kitkat awarded me this weekend, I am putting up this post.

The rules go thus
  • Link back to the blogger who gave you this award
  • Tell people seven facts about you they are not aware of
  • Pass the award to fifteen recently discovered blogs that you like
  • Notify the lucky chums of their awards
On to seven facts about me

1. I am a strong fan of Christian rock music. I love Christian rock music like mad. Their lyrics are very deep and this just does it for me. I can go all day with my ear phones on, listening to just that

2. I am scared of child birth. I think this is due to the fact that all my life, I have been hearing of the pains of child birth. I am sure I went through a more severe pain when I had a dental/jawbone surgery (without anaesthetics) 5 years ago. Truth is I hate physical pain, which makes me scared of child birth
3. I don’t have favourites. I don’t have ‘favourite anything’. No favourite colour, food, designer, music, cloth, etc. Therefore I am very easy to please
4. I hate shopping. Yeah, I hate shopping o. This is because I have problem making choices and I always like nothing and at the same time everything. Complicated, abi? I can spend hours in a boutique with money in my pocket and come back out handed. This reminds me of my 7day trip to Dubai. For the first 5 days, I was walking round the shops and just strolling, not interested in anything. It was on the sixth day I had to talk sense to myself. I wonder how it will be if I had gone back to Nigeria empty handed.
5. I am obsessed with my figure. Well, I know I have a great figure and I don’t want to lose it. I wonder how I will look after having kids. I will still want that flat stomach o. Married women, any advice?
6. I love trekking. I am very very very energetic and I love burning that energy. When I was in SSS3, I started going to one evening lesson near Unilag. Sometimes in the evening, my friend and I will trek all the way. She will stop at Bariga while I will keep trekking all the way to Gbagada (Deeper Life side). If you know Lagos well, you will understand that Unilag to Gbagada every night is not beans.
7. I love watching movies. I hated watching movies in the early stage of my life. But since 2007, that changed drastically, as a result of rolling with too much Engineering guys. Now, I love movies so much. It’s a pity I have not really had time to watch lots of movies this year.
Most of my blogger friends have been awarded, so I am opening up the award and passing it to any blogger that has not been awarded.
Hope you enjoyed the post


Yorubas: She is good, might even be better than you

Titi speaks about learning Yoruba

This is the first video I will ever share on blog. I had to cover my eyes in shame while watching it, because she is better than me in some aspects. And for all those Nigerians ashamed of their language, this is food for thought.

Even her intonation is impressive

Na wo o

What did I do?

Earlier, my mother called for me and started talking to me. I don’t mean the gisting type of talk but the lashing type. She and my grandmother were in the room so she first reported me to her before she started with me, after which my grandmother then started her own. My mother recalled all my ‘sins’ and railed some false accusations, none that I agreed with. The sad thing is that I couldn’t defend myself against any of them because the last thing you would want to do is talk back when two generations of Yoruba mothers are lashing you, you will never hear the end of the story. My grandmother’s lashing was based on my mother’s earlier one. Has your grandmother ever talked to you? You will find out that the fact that she has time on her hands and is not rushing anywhere means that she will keep going on and on and on.

The amazing thing is that till now, I don’t know what I did. No, let me correct that statement, I did not do anything. I am of the opinion that they just called me out of the blues, found a small gap and took advantage of that to start lashing me. I also believe that they think that since I will be leaving their house very soon, they have to try everything they can for me not to ‘disgrace’ them and make them proud wherever I find myself. They were doing this out of love, but going about it the wrong way.

All through the encounter, I was thinking to myself, ‘what a waste of time, I just want to leave this room, what did I do? what kind of thing is this?’. Everything they were saying was entering one hear and coming out of the other. I was just… pissed! All these… For what now? All the while, my ‘other half’ (OH) was downstairs (yes, they made me leave him) and I was getting impatient. At the end of the encounter, my grandmother asked me to kneel down and say sorry to my mum and I was like ‘for which of the ‘sins’ exactly?’. I knelt down and said ‘sorry’ and left. Better to just oblige patiently than argue, it makes things die down more easily and faster.

To the mamas and grandmas out there, generational gaps are supposed to be bridged, not widened. If you want to ‘talk to’ someone younger than you, please be sure to have a genuine reason for lashing so it won’t sound like you are giving lectures. Giving lectures won’t make things better, it will only drive the wedge between the both generations further down. Be your child’s closest friend and confidant and don’t expect that it will automatically happen in future. And when the child is older, please step back. After all, you took the effort to train the child so he could be wise in future, so trust that all your effort was not in vain.